Who owns Whale Oil?

There’s been curious goings on at Whale Oil over the last year, particularly involving finances and the role of Peter Belt.

Belt took over management, and has often been involved in seeking donations and running fundraising schemes involving merchandising directly or via Trade Me.

Belt also launched a purge of commenters for often seemingly trivial and sometimes ridiculous things. This abated  when the blog activities stalled somewhat, but many people have deserted even when offered ban amnesties.

So there has been speculation about exactly what degree of involvement Belt had in Whale Oil. His wage seems to be on the line but is there more he has at stake?

Today on a grizzle post Apparently all of you are “nutjobs and losers”

 The Rural News column “The Hound” thinks all of the readers of this site are “nutjobs and losers”.

…was this wee conversation (the Pete is Pete Belt):


Nothing was asked about it on General Debate.

Take from that whatever you like.

But it seems an odd thing for an employee to say, even in jest.

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  1. Kittycatkin

     /  3rd March 2015

    Is that you quoting that famous quote about buying the company ?

    • Ah, no, that’s Pete Belt. I haven’t tried to comment there since being kicked off by Belt about the middle of last year. I’ll clarify in the post.

  2. Kittycatkin

     /  3rd March 2015

    Maybe he thought that people would recognise it as a quotation; Victor Kiam and the razors. It used to be on television, I think.

  3. Traveller

     /  3rd March 2015

    Pete Belt is all over the comments section isn’t he? He laps it up posting like a demon as the usual sycophants grovel to him, upvote him and generally hail him as the second coming. I’ve no idea about the buying bit, but he’s running it.

  4. Mike C

     /  4th March 2015

    Pete Belt said to me nearly 9 months ago, something along the lines of:-

    “We have been given a more than seven figure loan for the new venture”

    What made me sit up and take special notice of that comment he made to me, was his use of the word “WE”.

  5. traveller

     /  4th March 2015

    @MikeC. I guess he’s got property to borrow against. Slater doesn’t


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