Duncan Garner on cannabis

Duncan Garner looked at the cannabis issue and interviewed Green spokesperson Kevin Hague and Labour leader Andrew Little about their views on cannabis on RadioLive.


Another US state has legalised cannabis so Duncan Garner asked his listeners if it’s time we did the same in New Zealand and got a resounding “yes”.

More than 1000 people voted in his poll, with, at the time of writing, 86% of people saying New Zealand should follow the likes of Colorado, Uruguay, the Netherlands and North Korea and legalise cannabis.

Green Party drugs policy spokesperson Kevin Hague said evidence shows legalisation leads to reduced harm from cannabis.

“We need to go to legalisation with regulation, which is pretty much the approach we take with alcohol, which is New Zealand’s most popular drug,” Hague said

Labour Party leader Andrew Little said New Zealand should see what the experience is in US states where cannabis has been legalised but “proceed with caution”.

Intro transcript:

Garner: Talking of reaction we put this poll up yesterday around should we legalise decriminalise cannabis or do nothing about it, leave it as it is?

The reason, the reason why we asked the question is simple, because four  American states, and Washington DC, have made all these moves around legalising cannabis to a point to me in some areas where it looks like they’re trying to create a market for it so they can tax it.

The reason should be that things are unfair and not working in New Zealand regarding cannabis laws, especially on the restrictions on medical use.

Columbia I think is a market that will see about sixty million dollars of tax revenue come in over the next twelve months.

I thought DC had first legalised medical marijuana, and then just made personal possession and growing legal and weren’t establishing a market, but I could be wrong.

So is there any political will here for change? I know politicians here get very nervous about this debate because it could lead to electoral oblivion.

I remember Don Brash put his head up didn’t he when he was the new Act leader, he said ‘oh we should decriminalise cannabis’. I’m not really sure that Don Brash was thinking that, although if he’s a classic liberal perhaps that is how classic liberals think.

Brash (and ACT) had far bigger hurdles than his views on cannabis to overcome, which he failed to overcome.

So where do the Greens stand on this? And will we see some kind of public debate, or is it simply too hard for our politicians, given what America’s doing is it time we caught up with this or do we just watch and follow?

But there’s been no sign of our politicians following. Most just duck for cover and try to ignore it, but cannabis won’t go away, and neither will the problems associated with it’s prohibition.

I’ll transcribe the Hague and Little interviews as I get tome (hopefully by tonight)

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  1. Where do ‘Team Key’ stand on the issue.. no prizes for guessing !
    I just wonder what DEMOCRACY really means to them ?
    .. its not the same as dictatorship !

    • Kittycatkin

       /  4th March 2015

      Democracy doesn’t guarantee that everyone will have their own way. It can’t, That’s called chaos or anarchy. It means that the majority will have their way, and I can’t think of a better way of doing it. National’s majority vote meant that the majority wanted them.

      If you really think that we live under dictatorship, you obviously have no idea what this means. I have known enough unfortunate people who have-think Nazi Germany, Stalin’s Russia, Cambodia, Roumania-to know that we are privileged to live in a country where, if we don’t like the government, we can vote them out.

      Do you know what someone’s hands and feet look like after their nails have been torn out and they have been crushed with a sledgehammer ? I do. Have you ever seen someone who’s been burned deliberately to make them talk ? I have. Have you met anyone who’s the sole survivor of their extended family ? Have you met someone whose baby cousin was thrown against an electric fence because it cried and annoyed a German concentration camp guard ? I have.

      Don’t talk nonsense about dictatorship. There’s no danger that you will be tortured or killed for expressing the views that you do, but I have known people who have been tortured and had family members murdered for this to know that anyone who considers our democracy to be dictatorship has either led a very sheltered life or not read very widely.

      • Sponge

         /  4th March 2015

        Great post. As soon as I see people talking about NZ being a dictatorship I immediately know to ignore the post as they clearly are quite immature in their thinking.

    • Alan Wilkinson

       /  4th March 2015

      Brash got crucified by the Lefty media for telling the truth about cannabis. Democracy doesn’t work when policy is dictated by scaremongering sound bites.

  2. Kittycatkin

     /  4th March 2015

    Team Key has become a really annoying cliche.

  3. Kittycatkin

     /  4th March 2015

    Ahem…was that headline about Duncan Garner a happy accident or done on purpose, Pete ?

    I believe that Don Brash meant that it should be decriminalised, not legalised, but far too many dimwits don’t or won’t see that these are different things. Speeding isn’t legal, but it will earn a fine, not a prison sentence. There are quite a few things that are illegal but not criminal, but try making some people see that….mit der Dummheit kampfen Gotter selbst vergebens.

  4. The Nazis were voted in too.. but then they started ignoring the people who put them there & just following their own agenda.. sounds familiar !
    How many Nat voters agree that prohibition is the only option for dealing with cannabis ?

    Apathy is the real enemy of democracy..


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