Has Slater breached suppression, and can Freed trust him?

In a post on Whale Oil today Cameron Slater must have come very close to breaching a suppression order, or blatantly breached it (I’m not sure of the legal specifics. I won’t link to it here to be safe.

It was so risky head moderator Peter Belt shut comments and posted this comment saying he “expressed my displeasure at this article to Cam last night”.

[MOD] Every time there are posts like this, I end up banning people. If you can’t play the game, then just pass these sorts of articles by. For the record, I expressed my displeasure at this article to Cam last night. Guess what? It’s his blog, and I don’t have the final say. I think it’s a stupid piece to write, and all it does is makes work for me and the other mods, “good” people end up being banned because they blunder into our no-tolerance on name suppression issues enforcement, and it attracts a wave of trolls that (generally successfully) manage to tip veteran commenters into making mistakes.

I get this wrong, and we face a $100,00 fine and/or 6 months in jail. That’s MY perspective. If you can’t figure out how to comment on posts like this PASS THEM BY.

Finally, this is Cam’s blog, and when the National Party in a number of it’s guises shit on him from a great height, I can’t blame him for acting on that. Most of the time he’s a bit more subtle than today, but I think there is a message that is being sent that probably has nothing to do with you, our readers.

I’m closing this article to comments, because I have work to do.

So he was concerned about the content of the post. I’m not surprised. But it became bizarre when he warned and banned commenters for also risking breaching the suppression.

Belt has already fundraised to help pay Slater’s legal bills.

It looks like quite a few comments could have disappeared since they were posted.

But before he closed comments Slater posted a few of his own.

I owe National nothing…I’m not even a member. I call things as I see them…this is just one such thing that I think needs attention.

I am not a sycophant and never will be.


They can think what they like. I know what is reality. I am not in control of the feeble minds of others.

This on top of recent posts and comments where Slater has made it clear he does as he pleases and is not controlled by anyone I would suspect Freed is more than a little concerned about the risks of an uncontrolled beast if they ever get around to launching.

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  1. Missy

     /  5th March 2015

    Cam Slater’s attacks on certain members of the National Party seemed to begin after Judith Collins being sacked last year, it reeks of him going after those he thinks screwed her over. He is acting like a petulant child having a tantrum and hitting back at those he perceives has wronged him somehow. Unfortunately for him I don’t think it will do either him or Judith Collins any good, he won’t get what he wants from it, and he continues to look juvenile.

  2. Mike C

     /  5th March 2015

    Slater has always been the type of person who is in a constant state of “a time-bomb waiting to go off”.

    Blubber-Boy is unemployable, and you’d have to be a total nut-bar to enter into a business partnership with him.

    • Maureen

       /  5th March 2015

      Nasty. Cameron ran a great blog. The “nut-bar” comments are evil. If he has a desire for Judith to be PM, so be it, that’s his business – he can use his blog to promote that case if he chooses. What’s your issue again?


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