Our spying coukd benefit Pacific neighbours

There’s been a mixed reaction to the ‘revelation’ that New Zealand spies on Pacific countries, both locally and from the Pacific. I’d like to add some points I haven’t seen brought up (but probably have somewhere).

There’s obvious cons to spying on generally friendly nations.

But there could very easily be pros as well.

Potential terrorism could be detected from the Pacific. And detecting that could benefit New Zealand and also other Pacific countries – I’m sure if our GCSB detected warning signs of an impending terrorist attack on say Rarotonga or Niue then helping them protect themselves or helping protect them would possibly be appreciated.

And it’s also possible our relationship with Five Eyes and access to intelligence from other participating countries could help to protect not just us and other Pacific countries.

Spying in the Pacific has it’s dangers and intrusions, but it could as easily have benefits. And possibly more benefits than risks.

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