Dunne clarifies post-Northland “re-think”

A week ago I posted Threat of Dunne ‘rethink’ if Peters wins should help National where it appeared that NZ Herald’s headline was misleading.

The article (especially the headline) made it appear that Dunne had threatened to renegotiate his coalition deal with National if Winston Peters won the Northland by-election and reduced National’s majority.

Peter Dunne wants rethink if Winston Peters wins Northland

United Future leader Peter Dunne says he would look at revisiting his post-election concessions from the National Party if New Zealand First leader Winston Peters wins the Northland byelection.

Mr Dunne noted that his party signed a confidence and supply agreement when National had an outright majority. National has since lost a seat in the final election count and could lose another in Northland.

Asked whether he would seek greater concessions from National if it lost another seat, he said: “That’s something I’d want to consider. I don’t have an immediate answer at this point.”

It had looked to me like it was mostly a made up angle by the Herald, with Dunne just responding fairly vaguely,

And today it’s been shown that at least one other journalist took it as a serious threat of re-negotiation, but Dunne has clarified in response.

Brent Edwards @rnzgallerybrent

Let’s be clear. Despite the hysteria Northland by-election will make no difference to Govt.

Toby Manhire @toby_etc

@rnzgallerybrent hardly an upheaval, but no difference? That @PeterDunneMP has said he’ll seek to renegotiate suggests at least some

Peter Dunne @PeterDunneMP

@toby_etc @rnzgallerybrent I never actually said that – I told the Herald I might think about that if it happened – but was not doing so yet.

So Dunne responded vaguely when prompted and a more aggressive slant had been portrayed. He didn’t say he wanted a rethink, he said he would think about it if Peters won.

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  1. Greg M

     /  7th March 2015

    This is something more that niggles me with MMP. A one man party who gained 0.22% of the vote on general election night, could possibly after this by-election hold the balance of power.
    Doesn’t seem very democratic to me.

  1. Hide on Peters and Northland | Your NZ

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