Hooton: Snowden should be executed

Matthew Hooton proposes a fairly drastic sentence for Edward Snowden.

Tomorrow in , Nicky Hager and exclusively reveal the high-tech tools with which NZ spies on NZers in Pacific.


This is actual treason.

Snowdon should be executed

These people. Hager and @rj_gallagher, are not “media”, they are far-left activists promoting the interests of NZ’s adversaries.

They’re publishing info on intelligence gathering techniques of interest to China, Russia & #ISIS. That is the issue.

That’s a quick sentence considering Hooton (presumably) doesn’t know what will be revealed tomorrow.


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  1. David

     /  7th March 2015

    Hooten is dead right, it is treason from a far left activist who in an unprecedented situation in any developed country ever seems to have hoodwinked the entire MSM of a country who are more obsessed with getting one over Key have lost sight of what their privileged position is for.
    Hager appeals to 2% of the population on a good day yet seems to be able to garner the support of pretty much every political journalist and none of their audience. its the most bizzare situation which really demonstrates the groupthink of the incestuous press gallery. In no other developed country does the media group think to the level one sees here.

  2. Mike C

     /  7th March 2015

    Hooten is a wannabe and a wanker.

  3. Kittycatkin

     /  7th March 2015

    Treason is a very specific crime, and I don’t think that this is it.


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