New online journalism based media site

No it’s not Freed.

Last night Evening Report was launched, describing itself as “independent interactive debate”. It was founded and will be edited by Selwyn Manning.

Media release:

Evening Report … progressive new digital media website.

Pacific Scoop:
Report – By Pacific Media Watch

An independent new digital media venture will be launched tonight with an extended one-on-one interview with investigative journalist Nicky Hager on the Snowden revelations about espionage against New Zealand’s Pacific neighbours.

This e-media site is less tribal than a blog, is independent at its core, and driven by public interest Fourth Estate journalism principles, says founding editor Selwyn Manning, a journalist and political commentator. is owned by his company Multimedia Investments Ltd (

Manning has 22 years experience as a journalist, and he specialises in investigative journalism, politics, foreign affairs, intelligence and security analysis.

He is a regular commentator on radio in New Zealand, Australia, and abroad, and has delivered reportage and analysis via all expressions of media including: television, internet, newspapers and magazines.

He is also a former associate editor and chairman of the Pacific Media Centre advisory board.

Manning has established the because he believes New Zealanders are interested in following big issues and deserve a place to go where extensive-robust debate is encouraged irrespective of a person’s politics or beliefs.

‘Tired of infighting’
“I’ve become tired of the infighting on some of the progressive blogs, and I believe a wider audience should have an independently positioned outlet that is less interested in attack lines and more interested in extending debate on big issues,” Manning said.

“So is more analysis, and Fourth Estate-based debate, as opposed to a polarising blog site.

“And as editor, I’m looking for well-researched, well argued submissions, from journalists and writers who wish to expand on current affairs reportage.

But I am also inviting submissions from people, irrespective of their background or community, who have something to contribute to the New Zealand debate.”

A ‘You Live’ platform (which will go live by around Thursday) is a first for a New Zealand current affairs site.

The ‘You Live’ section provides a live text, live audio, and live video platform for the audience to debate issues in real time.

EveningReport ‘s editorial policy is “founded on public interest advocacy of humanitarianism, environmentalism, progressive economics, sustainable business practice, and security.”

Source: Pacific Media Watch 9150

Interestingly Lynn Prentice describes it as “another progressive net news and current affairs site”. But some of his other comments – he can’t help making his post about himself and The Standard – are fairly ironic. He defends both the tribalism of The Standard and the behaviour.

Evening Report looks to be more investigative journalism based with some good intent on debate. I expect Selwyn has learnt from what he has seen on the main political blogs of the left and will aim at a more inclusive culture for discussion.

I hope Selwyn and Evening Report does well. It’s an interesting and rapidly evolving media environment.

It’s a fairly busy looking site and may take a bit of time to explore and see how it works.

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  1. Mike C

     /  10th March 2015

    Thought for a single nano-second there, that Blubber-Boy and Monkey-Man were legitimate in their claims about “Freed”.

    Slater and Belt are nothing but liars and con-artists.

  2. Alan Wilkinson

     /  11th March 2015

    Because the world needs more Lefty journalism.


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