Fourth candidate may be lining up for Green leadership

Stuff reports that there may be a fourth contender to replace Russel Norman as male Green co-leader. They say that it’s likley that rookie MP James Shaw is set to announce he’s putting himself forward after earlier saying it would be very unlikely due to his inexperience as a new term MP.

Three others have already announced they will contest the leadership, MPs Kevin Hague and Gareth Hughes and 3 News reported:

, a Green Party co-convenor in Auckland, is reported to be throwing his hat in the ring to be the party’s new male co-leader.

Mr Tava has decided to stand for the leadership.

He is a Waitemata Local Board member and is deputy chair of the board’s finance committee as well as being involved in work on parks and open spaces, and heritage, urban design and planning

Tava is not on the Green list so can’t get into Parliament this term.

Norman was elected co-leader while outside Parliament but came in via the list when one MP resigned and the next two on the Green list stood aside.

Hague will still probably be the front runner but Shaw has been talked of as a future leader.

After the last two Green leader selections (Norman and Turei)  losing contenders resigned as MPs – Nandor Tanczos.and Sue Bradford. I think that’s less likely this time.

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  1. doppelganger

     /  12th March 2015

    When you listen to Vernon Tava speaking on the wireless, if you didn’t know any differently, you’d swear it was Wussel 😦

    Not sure if that’s going to help or hinder him…..

    • Mike C

       /  12th March 2015

      @Tess. Yes, Vernons voice does sound very much like Russel Normans, which is somewhat unfortunate. However, that is where the similarity ends, because Tova wants the Greens to work with the centre right political parties, and to not just only be associated the lefties 🙂


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