My response to Peter Dunne’s speech at the 58th Session UN Comm. on Narcotic Drugs, Vienna, Austria

From another Medicinal Cannabis Campaigner, and Legal Advisor to Green Cross. The Canadian patient referred to is the one and the same from my “Canadian story” blog post a while back, who has now successfully gained access to Sativex, and fighting ACC to fund it, who will do anything to dodge stumping up for such an expensive medicine, and which would set a dangerous (expensive) precedent going forward….



The key words of Peter Dunne’s speech at Vienna to do with medicinal cannabis are as follows:

I have asked my officials in New Zealand’s Ministry of Health to look into the evidence and efficacy for cannabis as a medicinal or therapeutic relief.

The evidence, however, has been underwhelming.

It is anyone’s guess what the evidence was and two OIA Requests have been placed to find out.

That it was “underwhelming” immediately assures me that the evidence from the MoH was scant, possibly outdated and confined to the New Zealand statistics to do with Sativex, since this is the only lawful means to assess its medicinal and therapeutic benefits in practice in NZ. I suspect the MoH did not look very hard in to the international studies and clinical trials going on.

Sativex, a Medsafe approved drug , may be prescribed for the following indications:

Approved uses:

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  1. I have also sent Dunne a ‘please explain’.. I asked him who or what is supplying him with this ‘enlightened info.’ that Canada, half of USA states, most of EU & now some Australian states are just not getting OR are they just totally misguided (ie they are either already allowing or trialling natural cannabis & extract medicines.. not just sativex) ?

    Some of his other comments almost sounds like he supports decriminalsation, BUT we all know he does NOT (he has stated this several times) !!

  2. Good luck with this. Dunne is a slippery one and if you look back through the voting record you will see that he has consistently supported big tobacco and big alcohol on any conscious votes. In the USA it is these large lobby groups that are the main funders behind the campaign to stop cannabis law reform. It seems that working in the Ministry of Health does not make you immune from the powerful forces that oppose CLR.


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