How. Tragic. Is This?

I’m about halfway through a month long ban at The Standard but the obsessive dissing of a few resident stalkers continues without me.

A week ago I posted Norman versus Key, collection versus surveillance which was transcript and video link of a question time exchange in Parliament. It’s something I commonly do with the aim of making things I think might be of interest more easily findable and available.

It turns out that Glenn Greenwald found the post and included a link in a post of his at The Intercept.

By itself, common sense should prevent any of these governments from claiming that sweeping up, storing and analyzing much of the Internet — literally examining billions of communications activities every week of entire populations — is something other than “mass surveillance.” Yet this has now become the coordinated defense from the governments in the U.S., the U.K., Canada, New Zealand and Australia. It’s nothing short of astonishing to watch them try to get away with this kind of propagnadistic sophistry. (In the wake of our reports with journalist Nicky Hager on GCSB, watch the leader of New Zealand’s Green Party interrogate the country’s flailing Prime Minister this week in Parliament about this completely artificial distinction.)


Whether I agree with the point Greenwald is making or not doesn’t matter, that he found a use for the post is good to see.

And his post has been reposted by various people half a dozen or more times. Including in part by at The Standard in Surveillance newspeak.

So this is how blogging works, information and opinion is built on links.

Despite being their promoted post yesterday their post didn’t attract much comment. And the first comments weren’t about the substance of the post at all.

Several numpties had a hissy about there being a link to a post here in the Standard post, and two even went to the trouble of providing alternative or anonymous links so people could avoid linking to here.

One Anonymous Bloke 1

Fuck! I just followed a link to Yawns.

  • Jim Nald 1.1

    “watch the leader of New Zealand’s Green Party interrogate the country’s flailing Prime Minister this week in Parliament about this completely artificial distinction”

    Instead of the current link being used (I assume it is the link to Norman asking the PM about mass surveillance in the House on 10 March 2015), it would be an idea to refer to the link on the Greens’ website ( or directly to the link on the official website (

    • One Anonymous Bloke 1.1.1

      *Hangs head in shame at being too lazy to find those myself*

      Thanks Jim.

      • Jim Nald

        All good, OAB.
        Thanks for the heads up. I would have just clicked on to the links after scanning through the piece but saw your comment which was the first. And I got curious and ran my mouse over each link.

        So now (and I take it that it was not OAB who posted this), whoever posted the piece or a moderator can consider replacing the link :-)

  • weka 1.2

    watch the leader of New Zealand’s Green Party interrogate the country’s flailing Prime Minister this week in Parliament about this completely artificial distinction.

    Yawns alternative link,

Such is their apparent animosity towards me. I have no idea why they are so obsessed.

But how pathetically petty is that? That’s the degree some Standardistas go to try and shut me out of anything there – except that it just draws attention to me and highlights their pettiness. And it makes the Standard appear to be a petty blog.

And their efforts are futile. The author and moderators at The Standard have ignored their pleas to change the link away from here. And weka’s do-not-link link provides another opportunity to link here, although stats show that far more clicked the direct link than her alternative (which shows in stats despite her belief that it won’t).

It’s kinda ironic that the thought police at The Standard ignored the Orwellian thrust of the post and instead chose to try to control thoughts and links in yet another petty attack.

In order to remove any possibility of creating martyrs, whose memories could be used as a rallying cause against the Party, the Thought Police gradually wear down the will of political prisoners in the Ministry of Love through torture, conversations, degradation, and finally, Room 101. The methods are designed to eventually make the prisoner genuinely accept Party ideology, and come to love Big Brother, and not merely confess. After being released back into society for a short while, they are re-arrested, charged with new offences, and executed. All people who knew them forget them through crimestop, and all records are destroyed and replaced with falsified records by the Ministry of Truth. Their bodies are disposed of via cremation.

One Anonymous Bloke and Weka are unlikely to get anywhere near Government control but they seem to see themselves as the Thought Police of The Standard, trying to eliminate all record of me or YourNZ.

That’s tragic. Especially for The Standard’s credibility as a serious forum for the left.

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  1. SteveRemmington

     /  17th March 2015

    Why don’t you just change the page that they are linking to. It may inject some humour into their sad and miserable lives.

  2. Alan Wilkinson

     /  17th March 2015

    Couldn’t we please enjoy a month’s ban on the Standard here?


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