Mike Sabin watch

What’s up with the Mike Sabin story?

The Otago Daily Times made a minor mention in their editorial Transparency vital in a democracy today:

Mr Key and others have remained silent on what they knew (and when they knew it) about former Northland MP Mike Sabin, who was chairman of the law and order select committee, but who resigned because of ”personal reasons” in the wake of reports he was being investigated by police.

Otherwise there seems to be nothing new about him in the news apart from mentions of Sabin and his resignation being the reason for the Northland by-election, although Winston Peters has been hinting and threatening in campaign speeches.

Whale Oil hasn’t said much about him for a while.

But blog stats show an increasing interest in searching for information about him. Perhaps something is brewing.

There’s been a number of posts here over the last three months, do a Sabin search in the sidebar or click here if you want to look back.

In the meantime I’ll keep a watch on what’s happening regarding Sabin.

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  1. Mike C

     /  18th March 2015

    I am sick of hearing Mike Sabins name.

    If National lose Northland, then I will be blaming Sabin, because the bastard should have stood aside before September 2014, and I hope that “due process” throws the book at Sabin for creating such a political mess and fucking chaos.


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