Natalia kills X-Factor conspiracy theories. Or does she?

Stuff reports X Factor: ‘No conspiracy’, says Natalia Kills

Fired X Factor judge Natalia Kills has said there was no conspiracy about events that saw her and her husband fired from the TV talent show.

Arriving in Los Angeles from New Zealand, Kills told a media scrum that people needed to put the idea of their outburst during Sunday’s live show being a “manufactured conspiracy theory” behind them.

That’s not saying “no conspiracy”.

“There are many sides to this story,” she said in footage shown on MTV.

If she and her husband Willy Moon had just abused Joe Irvine unplanned and off the cuff there would only be one story, their boorish brain farts.

Kills would not elaborate, saying she did not want to get an entire industry “in trouble”.

That’s a very curious statement.

Again if the story was solely that their stupidity got them into trouble it shouldn’t affect ‘an entire industry’. Just them.

Natalia kills nothing with her comments. If anything she provokes more speculation.

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  1. Alan Wilkinson

     /  19th March 2015

    Never ascribe to malevolence what can be explained by stupidity. That photo certainly reinforces that message.

  2. kittycatkin

     /  19th March 2015

    I have noticed that in most of the photos of the Moons, she is the one who’s being demonstrative while he graciously accepts her attentions. ‘This is the way of it, wide world over/One is beloved, and one the lover/One gives and the other receives.’

    One who kisses and one who offers the cheek to be kissed, as the French saying goes.

    But aren’t they a horrid couple ?

  3. Concerned citizen

     /  19th March 2015

    Horrible couple, totally devoid of any self awareness or caring for others. I hope they grow up one day and realise that other people matter too.


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