Three futile Members’ Bills drawn

There was a Members’ bill draw today, with 68 competing in the ballot.

Convention Centre Act Repeal Bill – Tracey Martin (NZ First) – would repeal the Sky City legislation.

Environmental Protection Authority (Protection of Environment) Amendment Bill  – Meka Whaitiri (Labour) –

Whaitiri said the current law had a “glaring omission” in that it didn’t actually make protecting the environment a goal of the Authority.

Her bill would amend the Environmental Protection Authority Act to add an additional  objective that the organisation must aim to protect, maintain, and enhance New Zealand’s environment.

Fighting Foreign Corporate Control Bill – Fletcher Tabuteau (NZ First)

…would affect the TPPA – it would prohibit New Zealand from entering international agreements that include provision for investor-state dispute resolution.

Source: Aimmee Gulliver at the very useful Beehive Live.

David Farrar at Kiwiblog isn’t impressed – Three silly bills.

Some members bills are very good. But none of them got drawn from the ballot today.

These are all rather silly backwards looking bills.

I predict all three bills will fail to get past first reading.

They probably will fail at the first reading.

Sky City repeal bill: NZ First want to have a second vote on a law that has already been passed. Considering that we have avoided any injection of taxpayer funds into the convention centre, their timing is pretty bad for them.

The (second one) complains that the Environment Protection Authority is not required to protect the environment. This flies in the face of the reality that the EPA has declined almost all the major off shore projects before it on environmental grounds. This is a bill to fix a problem that does not exist.

And the third bill is the most stupid. It would, if retrospective, force NZ to withdraw from basically every international trade agreement we have ever signed, pull out of the WTO, and never take part in any future trade deals. And NZ First claims to be pro-exporters!

They look like politicking bills rather than being aimed at having any chance of success.

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  1. I watched the debate on wednesday, when ‘Team Key’ voted down 3 opposition members bills:
    1) feed the kids; originally Hone Harawira, now Metiria Turei

    2) food in schools – David Shearer : it talked about establishing garden in schools to grown fruit & vegies

    3) Healthy houses – Phil Twyford : fix up the leaky, cold & damp homes

    When I heard the debate from Nat. MPs it sounds like they are just playing ‘ideological power-games’ they just will not vote for ANYTHING from Labour or Greens.. just to win the debate.. regardless of whether the bills are worthwhile !

    ‘Teflon John’ has said that ‘bills should be supported IF they are good legislation’.. while attacking the Greens specifically for opposing Govt. bills, BUT respect is a two way street.. during the lat term, the Govt. voted down almost EVERY bill or even SOP from across the floor (spec. Labour/Greens)
    Shameful !!
    I always like watching members day, but it usually seems futile & ‘one direction’


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