Dunedin’s bountiful walking tracks

One of the things I really like about Dunedin is the number and variety of walking tracks. Apart from a dozen beaches that all have good walking options there are flat tracks, bush tracks and hill and mountain tracks.

I’ve walked many of them. There’s one for most occasions, as long as you’re dressed for it and have an appropriate level of fitness.

And while you often encounter other walkers you also often get to walk in relative solitude.

Dunedin City Council and the department of Conservation have launched a new brochure on Dunedin walks.

Councillor Jinty MacTavish has posted on Facebook:

This week the Dunedin City Council in conjunction with the Department of Conservation, launched the first print run of a rad new Dunedin walks brochure. There’s an online version, too, with details of popular walks in one handy location (see link below). It’s not perfect – there are parts of our beautiful city that this first edition doesn’t cover, and there may be favourite walks in Central Dunedin that also aren’t included. But it’s a really exciting first step, and staff would love to hear feedback from you all so they can make the next print version (in a couple of months time) even better…email for feedback is andrew.lonie@dcc.govt.nz.

The DCC website lists walk category links.

The Walking tracks page also has links to online brochures. It’s worth repeating here:

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Some of Dunedin’s beaches and also on Virtual Tourist.

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    So let me get this straight, she recorded and released a private conversation without consent?


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