“Roading and Gerrymandering in Mike Sabin’s electorate”

Radio NZ reports that there’s been record early voting in the Northland by-election – while early voting has only been promoted for everyone recently it’s interesting comparing it to last year’s general election.

Early voting figures were more than double those for the general election last September.

By last Friday, more than 5500 Northland people had voted – more than 10 per cent of enrolled voters. Most made their choice last week.

As well as the unusually high early turnout, electoral officials said there had also been a spike in new enrolments for the general roll since the Northland by-election was announced in February.

Another email that’s been circulated by Andrew Blake in the lead-up to this Saturday’s Northland by-election:

Date: Thu, 19 Mar 2015 16:34:17

Gerrymandering – Splitting the voting population in favor of the
group in power by any means necessary, such as specifically targeted
Better yet….. is to control the voters through the interaction of
MPs, Local Councils and Business….
……..in Northland  of course ….the purpose of the whole gerrymander
is to help the government shortchange the voters on Roading..

Ex MP John Carter …. now Mayor of FNDC ……never wastes time.
As soon as the Bye election was announced. John lays strips of
magnificent sealed road in the those places most affected by logging
The money? … from Central Govt?…..(How…John ..How??),…. Rates
from FNDC …..and ”gifts” from logging companies? The major logging
companies contributed  more to this project than they would ever have
dared do by way of contributions directly to the National Party in the
bye election campaign.?

In WDC ….so as to keep the Whangarei seat safe for Shane Reti!
….all Roading money all has been spent on  bridges, …….and
sealing roads in smart housing developments e.g McKinley Rd  ……so
that there is nothing left for Mike Sabins electorate!
But the people in that part of WDC are easily controlled via NRC….as
is indeed are the rest of Northland.

Watch National party enthusiast John Bain chair a meeting at NRC and
always be conferring  with the Governments Commissioner from the
Watch John at a Submissions Meeting enthusing on ”Roads of National
Importance “” and then brutally refusing to answer a question “”Do
Northand MPs give adequate support for ROADING in RURAL NORTHLAND.”
and then try to implicate Labour MP Kelvin Davies.
(John  did later answer a written question on gerrymandering.)

Requests for funding from NZTA have to pass through a committee and
guess who chairs it.?
And guess who sits on the Northland District Health Board?
(And as backup  the largest Logging Company has had its roading
engineer sitting on various committees within NRC.)

In this way the message is passed down from Government via NRC that
applications for ”sealing roads” are wasted.
No wonder WDC can tells us blithely in an email from the Mayor that
the Govt has ”prohibited” further road sealing.

Clearly Northland does not get safe National seats without fooling the
voters …but Control is what its about.
Who tried to infuence  the election of mayor in the 2010 WDC election
by asking a leading left of centre candidate to withdraw and accept
another post  in stead.?
Have you heard how Mark Simpson CEO for WDC  incurred …for the
council…200k of legal expenses when he fired an employee for
sponsoring the ”wrong”   mayoral candidate.?

Watch how Northland  MPs and Councils interact.
Despite saying they cannot interfere with workings of
Council……Northland MPs line up with Council and Goverment
ministers when expensive glamour projects are unveiled in Whangarei
……and when asked for help …….after returning the answer ”not
my electorate”” …..they now are to be seen almost immediately at the
Hustings supporting who is standing in…… ”not my electorate”

To ask  Mike Sabin for help on a Health and Safety matter with
WDC…..and get a reply “‘I will be reminding the Councils of their
responsibilies” is a sad experience.
It soon becomes clear that the only ”responsibility” of Northland
Councils  have is to get in behind the National Govt on roads of
National Importance.
And Shane Retis acceptance speech said little else.
In turn our councils do their bit.
Senior people take a day off work in Whangarei to turn up and meet
with dignitaries at the hustings to support the government candidate.

Happily this kind of gerrymandering sometimes comes unstuck at Local level.
Thwarted Ambition causes Havoc in Local Councils worldwide.
Can councillors really think they can get away with voting FOR the
Government on Roading but voting AGAINST the controversial
Hunterwasser..which is favoured of course…… by no less than John
Keys to the tune of millions of Government money……

Alas our councillors ….and MPs such as  Shane Reti has
proved……seem not up to the Machiavellien level required for this
kind of stuff.
Do our Councillors really expect to get a job with the Northland
Unitary Authority?
…. the biggest Gerrymander of them all.?

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