New Zealand versus Australia final!

Australia easily beat India in the second cricket world cup semi-final last night in Sydney. I stopped watching after 20 overs of the Indian chase, they were 3 wickets down and beaten looked etched in their faces.

So this means New Zealand have another chance to overcome Australia’s confidence, this time with home ground advantage to the Aussies.

It will be harder than the cliffhanger Black Caps victory in Auckland in their pool match.

Australia will be determined to turn the tables, and the resolved of the Black Caps will be tested at another level. New Zealand can’t afford to make mistakes that were scattered through the semi-final versus South Africa.

Here’s hoping it will be an epic match and the Black Caps haven’t peaked too soon.

We have nothing to lose (apart from the game, the tournament and the cup) – New Zealand have already achieved better than ever before and have outlasted more favoured countries.

They have won huge credit already for their results and the way they have played.

One game from glory.

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