A boxing disgrace

This is a boxing bout that should never have been allowed to happen, any responsible boxing promoter should never have considered it let alone allowed it.

Sometimes stupid people with oversized ambitions and egos need to be overridden by experts. The experts failed in their duty of care in this case.

Jessie Ryder versus Cameron Slater:

Slater should not have been allowed to be an out of shape punching bag.

All that happened was Slater was punched in the head until he fell down. The referee should have seen the mismatch and called it off. But it was allowed to continue.

Then Slater was punched repeatedly in the head some more until he was knocked unconscious. He likely suffered more damage when he hit the floor, hard.

It was promoted by Sky Arena – Super 8.


SUPER 8 is the world’s premier all-action fight night, it’s fast, furious and stacked with knock out action. 

Offering something for everyone, each epic event features an explosive eight man last man standing tournament, world-class championship boxing and enthralling celebrity clashes. 

When you watch a SUPER 8 event – look away at your peril because every fight matters.

This is a disgrace to boxing.

And that this was fundraising for Kidscan is another disgrace, it is a terrible example for kids.

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  1. Ring Girl

     /  29th March 2015

    The ‘promoters’ don’t give a stuff! They are laughing all the way to the bank, while Kidscan get thrown a few crumbs for allowing their name to be used to give this disgrace some sort of legitimacy..

  2. Concerned Kiwi

     /  29th March 2015

    Pity it wasn’t Hager, Little, Campbells, Espiner, Soper, Hickey, Armstrong, et al getting Ko’d. Those types would not have the guts.

  3. I’m guessing its not just Slater who recovering from a knock-down..
    where’s ‘teflon John’ today ?
    Probably hiding under his bed, nursing the black-eye Winnie gave him (& his cronies) !

  4. Brown

     /  29th March 2015

    I think Slater just got puffed and ran out of steam so its not as bad as it looks. Boxing is darned tough.

    • Funny. He got puffed and ran out of steam walking out to the ring? Getting up from his stool?

      I’m sure boxing is darned tough, and Slater looked darned out of condition (if he’s ever been in condition).

  5. Lefty Wilson

     /  30th March 2015

    This really is no laughing matter. The organisers allowed an overweight, extremely un-athletic Slater to go into the ring against a fit, much younger, very powerful professional athlete who incorporates a lot of boxing training in his cricket preparation. Quite horrific to think they’d allow that to happen just to make themselves some bucks. Like or detest him, Slater was doing it for charity yet Sky Arena allowed him to be put at risk of being seriously injured or even worse by not finding him an opponent nearer his own standard. I don’t like the way the guy operates with his blog, I find him offensive, but I think in this instance he was used very badly and I’m disgusted with the organisers. Someone needs to put them straight on the need to avoid such mis-matches in future. They ought to be ashamed.


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