Human Headline: “WARNING: for legal reasons access to this page is illegal in New Zealand”

The Official Derryn Hinch Webstite Human Headline is based in Australia so isn’t covered by New Zealand suppression orders (Hinch is a prominent ex New Zealander who has a radio show Hinch Live).

From time to time he has put up posts with warnings like this:

WARNING: for legal reasons, access to this page is illegal in New Zealand

I don’t know the law well enough so don’t know if that is correct. Every individual must judge for themselves whether they should heed Hinch’s warnings.

He has this warning on his latest post:

HinchWarningThat’s an image so you can’t follow the link from here as that may be illegal.

But it highlights the difficulty suppression orders have in the Internet age.

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  1. Brown

     /  29th March 2015

    And we can still come second on the lack of corruption list…

    There must be some absolute shits out there.

  2. Alan Wilkinson

     /  29th March 2015

    I think the legal warning is nonsense. It’s not illegal to read suppressed evidence, it is illegal to publish it.

  3. Alan Wilkinson

     /  29th March 2015

    I read Hinch’s article and there is nothing in it that is news. I think the whole thing is a ridiculous storm in a teacup for everyone except those directly concerned in the court case. Zero evidence of any corruption or wrongdoing by anyone else. Fatuous posturing by many grinding political axes.

  4. “The Human Headline” Solid gold

  5. horns of a dilema.....

     /  29th March 2015

    Funnily enough, a friend of mine phoned me yesterday from Melbourne.

    Amongst other things, she mentioned the revelations made on Derryn Hinch’s blog – and to be honest, I was absolutely appalled!!

    Naturally, I am unable to access the article on his website for ‘legal reasons’, but does this also mean I am precluded from discussing what Amanda told me with anybody else here in New Zealand ?

    My husband is just DYING to hear what I know 🙂

    • As far as I understand it discussing privately is ok, no one can do anything about that anyway. It’s broadcasting or publishing that’s forbidden. But you have to know what you are not allowed to published which is difficult if it’s secret.

      • horns of a dilema.....

         /  29th March 2015

        Okay – thanks for that Pete.

        It’s just I know what Wayne is like!

        If I tell him anything like this in confidence, half of Auckland will be aware of it tomorrow 😦

  6. my bad for sharing a link?


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