Recommendation of no retrial for Teina Pora

The Privy Council has recommended that there be no retrial of Teina Pora.


Justice sometimes takes a long time, at great cost to the innocent.

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  1. Alan Wilkinson

     /  30th March 2015

    Our Court of Appeal is a disgrace and next to completely useless as far as I can tell. How on earth did this case need to go to the Privy Council to get an honest and competent assessment?

  2. SME

     /  30th March 2015

    Sounds like the Public Purse is going to take another hit!

    So what are we talking about here – the equivalent of say nearly 21 years of dole payments? By my reckoning, we could be looking at the thick end of nearly two-hundred thou !!

    Nice to know where my taxes are going…….makes me wonder why I bother 😦

  3. Its sounding like NZ justice is more about getting a conviction, rather than finding the guilty person ?

    Another, in a line of apparently innocent (but convicted) people who have spent decades in prison. Are the police even accountable ??

  4. kittycatkin

     /  30th March 2015

    The justice system is run by human beings, and human beings make human errors. I wonder how many of the critics never make mistakes.

    • Alan Wilkinson

       /  30th March 2015

      Kittycat, the problem is not the mistakes but the repeated failures to correct them.


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