Damien O’Connor – 1080 idiot

One News reports Labour’s Damien O’Connor – Why haven’t police found 1080 ‘idiot’?, asks Labour.

The person threatening to poison baby milk formula isn’t necessarily an idiot, they are extremely irresponsible criminals.

O’Connor is the idiot.

Labour’s primary industries spokesman Damien O’Connor says police should by now “absolutely” have found the “idiot who did this”.

“I cannot understand why the police don’t have more leads in this area,” he says.

What does O’Connor suggest the police do, get the GCSB to spy on every New Zealander to try and track them down?

I don’t understand why O’Connor doesn’t have more clues in this area.

Mr O’Connor says that security will have to stay in place indefinitely, unless an arrest is made.

“I think the reality is that our food system has to be guaranteed,” he says.

The police can’t guarantee any system. There’s no way they can stop every nutter in the country from making threats or doing stupid things.

It might be inaccurate calling O’Connor a 1080 idiot, but on this he’s close to a 100% idiot.

The 1080 threats are serious, far more so than for a half baked politician to bollocks the police for no apparent reason that makes any sense..

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  1. kittycatkin

     /  31st March 2015

    I imagine that if they could catch this person, they would.

    The loony who’s doing it must be having a good laugh at the result. I don’t know how one does go about catching someone like that. I didn’t feel that the Herald editorial which said that it must be a man and that only men should be suspects (or words to that effect) , because women don’t kill other women’s babies, showed incredible naivete (not to mention sexism) and was totally unhelpful, Women do kill other women’s babies & only someone with a very limited knowlege of history, current affairs and human nature would be unaware of this.

  2. Alan Wilkinson

     /  31st March 2015

    I’m not sure what form the threats were transmitted in but there are a lot of techniques for pursuing the culprit. Even via GCSB. I’m with O’Connor. This lunatic has caused serious economic harm irrespective of the threats to infants and their parents. If the cops can’t catch him they need to get themselves sorted so next time it happens they can. And the politicians need to make sure they do exactly that.

  3. David

     /  31st March 2015

    O,Connor is surprisingly stupid and a bit thick, he gets away with it because he once every two years he says something that allows the Labour Party to pretend there is a reason why people on the coast can still vote for a bunch of poofs and unionists.
    He must be quite pleased Poto Williams got elected in christchurch to take over the mantle of the stupidest MP in parliament who is least likely to achieve anything ever.


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