What’s up with Freed?

Very little apparently.

Freed was announced as an online revolution in new media in the middle of last year (July). Cameron Slater at Whale Oil promoted it frequently and loudly. Initially. An imminent launch was intimated on NBR and Whale Oil – Cameron Slater’s next media venture:

[Cameron Slater] will start a news website before this year’s general election.

Mr Slater will not confirm Mr Lentino’s involvement but says one private investor has contributed a six-figure sum for the site.

Last October Slater quoted Martyn Bradbury…

With Slater about to launch next year a new weaponised news media ‘Freed.co.nz’ complete with a drone operator, he will bend and push the boundaries of attack blogs into a whole new realm of horror. How will the left blogosphere compete with a $600,000 right wing attack blog is yet to be seen.

…and responded:

$600,000? That isn’t even 7 figures…WRONG again.

But things have gradually gone quiet. The Freed website was last updated in January:

FreedWebsiteThey’re not live yet. On Facebook they had a flurry of activity in late January:


Nothing since February 2. Twitter is very similar with the same content as Facebook.

FreedTwitterAgain nothing since 2 February.

Cameron Slater frequently promoted Freed, and this was often associated with criticism of old media, especially his nemisis NZ Herald. In this slam of the Herald on March 22 –  WHO ARE THE HERALD WRITING FOR, EXACTLY? – he didn’t mentioned Freed but was asked about it in comments.

I am waiting to be Freed. How much longer do I have to wait?

  • Avatar

    We will launch when we are ready, not a minute earlier.

On March 15 ‘Spanish Bride (Slater’s wife) made a comment about “Freed on the horizon”:

The interview was about his charity work and he spent ages talking about that ( none of which was used ) I believe their intention all along was to get a sound bite about the word Scum. They had no intention of promoting Kidscan. 
We have always know that with Freed on the horizon things would get hostile but it is a pity when they couldn’t at least mention Kidscan in the T.V interview as after all it was the only reason he allowed the ‘ Scum ‘ LOL to interview him.

The last Slater post to mention Freed was over a month ago (February 24) with a passing mention at the end of DID ALISTAIR THOMPSON RIP OFF SELWYN PELLETT TO THE TUNE OF $250K:

As tempting as it is to gloat over their misfortune, we all want online news to be a success. But if Scoop’s old model sucked and was a failure, does that suggest a better way is out there, with people waiting to be Freed from the appalling tactics of established paper based press and unethical people such as Alistair Thompson?

There’s been occasional comments from the fan club in comments included queries about when Freed will be launched but  they usually go unanswered.


 My brand is so repugnant that I continue to build an ever-increasing audience.  But hey, don’t let facts get in thew way of trying to damage Freed by association.

The Dominion Post reaches nearly half of Wellingtonians aged 15 years and over and has an average daily readership of 234,000 people aged over 15.

I just have a little old repugnant blog with a similar following Tracy.  Wait until we start Freed!

I have something on most people Tracy.  The thing is, your colleagues used to quite enjoy it when they phoned me to ask what the ‘latest’ was, and were quite happy to use my “repugnant brand” for their own purposes.  Now that Freed is on the way, I am a threat to media and must be dealt to.

That’s nearly four months ago. And he last post that seems designed to be a promotion of Freed was October 24 – 5 THINGS ABOUT THE US MEDIA THAT THEY DON’T WANT YOU TO KNOW AND NZ MEDIA ARE SIMILARLY IN TROUBLE:

I think in New Zealand this number probably isn’t quite that bad.  But the trend is there.  Time for Freed.

Those are fascinating numbers.  It means that the news media are disconnected from their audience.  Time for Freed.

Journalists have been speculating about Freed being New Zealand’s “Fox News” in a pejorative sense.  The problem for them is that the public don’t share the joke.   Time for Freed.

People are begging for reporting.  Real reporting.  And they still want opinion too.  They just don’t want it mixed up.  They don’t want journos that are bigger than the story.  They don’t want the opinion to be more important than the facts.   They want to be Freed.

Blogs like Whaleoil fill a gap.  But what is still missing is a place where people can get the news.  They don’t actually feel they can get the news.   They want to be Freed.

Those links all point to the now stagnant FREED.NZ website (see above).

So promotion of and comments about Freed seem to be fizzling out. Time will tell whether the project is fizzling or they are keeping things under wraps until a big launch. Sometime. Maybe.

Slater’s main project so far this year seems to have been his boxing “journey” which ended up flat on the canvas.

Is that where Freed is headed, before even making it into the media ring?

For more details further back see my January post Freed from what?

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  1. Miss Moneypenny

     /  31st March 2015

    About three months ago, my sister applied for the job as Receptionist with Freed, and despite her impeccable credentials, she didn’t even get the courtesy of a reply.

    • Kim

       /  15th April 2015

      It must be a small world! I applied for a junior reporter job with Freed at the end of 2014. I did get a Skype interview with Cameron Slater and a man by the name of Regan Cunliffe. I had a Skype interview because I am based in Sydney. After that I was much the same as your sister. I never heard anything further from them. My curiosity got the better of me today so I decided to look into what’s happened with Freed because I was unaware if they just didn’t hire me or what. From what I’ve seen it seems like it didn’t go ahead. If they contact me again about a job I don’t know if I’ll take it. Sounds dodgy.

  2. TheKeyboardWorrier

     /  31st March 2015

    You can’t help but wonder if Tony Lentino got cold feet about setting up an online newspaper business with Cameron Slater as his Chief Editor 🙂

  3. Concerned Kiwi

     /  31st March 2015

    Why the obsession with Slater, is it because he is successful and you are envious, or is it genuine concern for your venture failing?

    • Funny. I post about Sabin and get accused of being obsessed. I post about the Standard and vet acussed of bring obsessed. I post about Slater and vet accused of being obsessed. Maybe I’m obsessed with writing stuff.

      When I get accused with diversionary nonsense maybe I’m on the right track.

    • TheKeyboardWorrier

       /  31st March 2015

      @ConcernedKiwi. Shuddup Ian 🙂

      If you think that George is “obsessed” with Slater … then that would mean that I must have some sort of a psychotic fixation on BlubberBoy. LOL.

      George is just “telling it like it is”, IanMcK, and if you don’t like hearing a realistic negative view of your Telly-Tubby Hero, then go and join the Pete Belt “Slaters Sickophants Fan Club” over at the Whale.

    • traveller

       /  31st March 2015

      If Slater was successful @concerned kiwi you would have a point. At some time in the reckoning of starting a business you need to look at it’s success in terms of the money it generates. Whaleoil, having built an enviable brand, is slipping in influence, has to resort to boxing for profile and cannot make the Whaleoil model work for him financially. It seems he makes so little lucre he begs to pay court costs and sells hats and tee shirts like a barrow boy. After a number of years of being squarely at the top of NZ political blogs and having built this brand on the clear understanding he was right wing and supported National (whatever he says about that lately) he’s the only one who blogs as a full time job. He’s a career blogger who’s broke, has a decreasing blog readership and audience participation is limited to a handful of laughable sycophants. He’s always overdue repeating news with predictable and pithy comments. Occasional calls to and from disgruntled, unnamed back benchers (cue Judith and Maurice) and Daddy’s old mates is hardly the same as gossip from the circle of trust. The circle of trust saw the feckless Slater revealed in Dirty Politics and said no thanks. Potential contributors to Freed, if there are any, might reconsider their position if the now obsessed and vengeful Slater or his minder Belt are to have any directional or editorial input. Oh, the irony that the man who screamed revenge on the conspirators who took him down is now helping them on their path. That’s hardly success @concerned kiwi, that’s defeat – game, set and match to Hager.

  4. Concerned Kiwi

     /  31st March 2015

    Keyboard Wanker: I am no great fan of Slater, but George rarely goes one day without some criticism of him. At least he had the guts to don a pair of gloves and front in a ring, much more my idea of a man than one who sticks his arse in the air with his head on a mat in a mosque.

    • I’ve posted on Slater over the LST couple of days but not for some time before that. So you’re talking crap.

      As for your mosque comment if all you can do is make false assertions you’re not welcome here. I’ve never been in a mosque or had anything to do with Islam or Muslims. So enough of your deliberate lying here please.

  5. Concerned Kiwi

     /  31st March 2015

    PG: You are very quick off the mark in defence of the religion of evil.

    • While I defend the right of people to have religious views I’ve never defended any religion, evil or not. I have been critical of religious people who use their religion as an excuse to carry out evil and abuse people – like you it seems.

    • I’ve never been lied about and abused by any Muslims as far as I’m aware, but it’s common from so-called Christians in New Zealand. It’s not their religion that’s at fault, it’s their personal ignorance and intolerance on display.

      • traveller

         /  31st March 2015

        @concerned kiwi. I disagree with Pete most of the time, but he researches subjects well and there’s much in his opinions to argue to. Why attack PG’s posts on Slater, a man so tough he won comment of the year by claiming to “play politics like Fijians play rugby. My role is smashing your face into the ground.” Surely Slugger Slater doesn’t need defending. Whether it’s Muslims, Key, Joyce, Blomfield, Hawkes Bay Dam boys, Bradbury, Dotcom it’s all excess personified.
        As far as his boxing goes I’d think the more of him if post match he’d expressed respect specifically for Bill English. After all he ridiculed him more than once for his boxing efforts and everyone knows it. We also know Bill was the leaner, meaner, fitter boxer and he went for a very much stronger three rounds than Slater. You really see the mark of a man in the boxing ring, but you see more of him out of it. There’s also the irony you wouldn’t be able to write your one liners on the heroic, pugnacious WOBH blog. He’s so touchy and sensitive your comment would be deleted and possibly life banned.

        • TheKeyboardWorrier

           /  31st March 2015

          @Trav. Ironically, the Concerned Kiwi can’t write anything over at the Whale, because he already got banned by the Telly Tubby and his pet Monkey about six months ago. LOL.

  6. Freed will teach Mr Slater why the media is the way that it is. And lose a whole heap of cash along the way.

    • TheKeyboardWorrier

       /  31st March 2015

      @SPC. Slater has already got zip zero zilch money. The man has just had bankruptcy papers served on him. The seven figure sum of money he borrowed 9 months ago has long gone. He brought all of his shit on himself. No-one else is responsible or to blame.

      • Quite. But if he gets an investor like Lentino to stump up the cash, and if Freed ever gets going, and has a ‘no ads’ policy, you can be assured that cash won’t last long.

  1. What’s up with Freed update | Your NZ

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