‘St Leonards’ copyrighted?

An item in my suburban news sheet sounds ridiculous – a city called St Leonards on the USA got a copyright on the name and are now telling other St Leonards around the world they can no longer use the name, including my neighbouring suburb in Dunedin (and a suburb of Hastings).

The Rothesay News reports (not online):

As a result of legal action nearly 12,000 kilometres away the Dunedin City Council is to poll the residents of St Leonards on a potential name change.

Not only is the US State of Texas the second most populous state in the union it is also the home to the rapidly growing city of St Leonards which had the foresight 22 years ago to copyright the city’s name.

Senator Flora Poil who represents the city in Congress put a motion to the State Senate establishing the name as copyright protected back in 2012, and late last year the motion was accepted as law.

Law in Texas, not law in World.

During the past few months the city has officially notified 112 other St Leonards throughout the world that they will have to rename their villages, towns and cities by May 2018.

St. Leonards Roman Catholic Church in New England built by Italian immigrants in 1873 was recently renamed after Bostonians lost a recent case in the United States Court of Appeal.

This sounds ludicrous. And it is.

I’m not making this up, but maybe someone is. It’s in the April edition of Rothesay News – but April Fools tricks are usually confined to am on the 1st.

However I can’t find a St Leonards in Texas and I can’t find a Senator Flora Poil. So it looks like a month long spoof. Especially when you rearrange the letters of the Senator’s name.

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  1. kittycatkin

     /  3rd April 2015

    Great name. Her partner is the well known Finnish designer/engineer/scientist Loof Lirpa.

    Remember that handsome young Polynesian man, Abel Tafulya ? He was well named !


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