Has Metiria lost the Green mojo?

Metiria Turei seems to have been quiet lately, which is odd considering Russel Norman is stepping down as Green co-leader.

The Greens may still have Mojo Mathers but have they lost their mojo?

TureiLostMojoTurei has been dabbling away on Facebook over the past couple of weeks, but it’s hardly high profile stuff, unless dogs are the new Green issue:

22 March – Rupert, a jack russel foxy cross is missing from Bethunes Gully, NEV, Dunedin. Please keep a look out if you are up that way.

24 March – Rupert is home, thank you everyone who shared the notice. Mx

25 March – Love it, another dog found and in the paper. The ODT totally rules!

26 March – Dog question. I want to teach my dog to do some dance moves. He will spin around with a treat incentive so we have got a twirl underway. But any other advice on teaching dog boogie?

2 April – Missing dog from Musselburgh.

Other than that she has posted about limes, roses, economic inequality, granny squares, the TPPA and a missing woman. And Winston Peters:

Waatea News: Greens keen to work with Peters

Greens co–leader Metiria Turei is looking forward to working with new Northland MP Winston Peters on issues they agree on.

“We know Winston will do what is in Winston’s best interest and sometimes it means working with us and sometimes not. Frankly I can live that. I understand better now how he operates and I don’t think there are any serious problems between New Zealand First and the Greens,”

Overshadowed by the Winston show, trying to pick up some crumbs from it.

Metiria Turei says Winston Peters’ Northland win should have shown national what happens when it stops listening to people.

Greens didn’t stand a candidate in Northland.

Apart from her dog duties what has Turei been up to? She has had a low profile in Parliament. Her last speech was :

Her last question in question time was:

That was Tuesday two weeks ago. Since then the Green questions have been:

So Turei had one question on the first sitting day of the last two weeks and none since, while Norman has asked three questions, the Greens twelve in total. Parliament is now in recess for three weeks.

A resurgent Winston Peters is a real threat to Green aspirations. With Norman deciding to step down and put more emphasis on his family life (understandably) the Greens need to fill a leadership vacuum, especially if Turei has lost enthusiasm and commitment as well.

She didn’t seem very enthusiastic here:

Bill English closed that question session with:

Why the Greens support that poverty inducing policy is beyond me.

How demoralising was that barb? Does Turei represent the lost mojo of theGreens?

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  1. With Dr. Norman standing down.. maybe Metiria is in a period of political ‘soul searching’ ?

    Time to regroup & move forward..

    • Crowded out by Winston, waiting for the leadership to be decided next month (and perhaps waiting to see if anyone will contest the female co-leader position) it is a good time to reflect.

  2. David

     /  5th April 2015

    Maybe the novelty the media had with her has worn off, she does seem like a likeable person but quite bonkers which would have been a short and amusing stint as a cabinet minister.
    The Greens I would guess have peaked and if the rumours on why Norman resigned are true the cloak of sanctimony may have slipped especially with a new baby due. The Greens always seemed to me more like the far left Alliance that had been green washed as a back door way of overthrowing capitalism. Nick Smith and Nikki Kaye are by far the most environmentally friendly MPs in parliament…along with Gareth Hughes.

  3. Missy

     /  5th April 2015

    I haven’t liked her since the time she walked towards me, before deliberately walkin away giving me a dirty sneering look, when I was selling poppies. The whole I pression I got was she was going to give money until she saw poppies, the friendly smile was soon gone when she saw the poppy bucket. What really rankled was she wore a poppy in parliament. If the reason she didn’t get one was because she had one I would have expected something along that lines, but her body language and look said she completely disapproved of them being sold. A complete hypocrite in my opinion.

  4. Missy

     /  5th April 2015

    Also meant to say, the less seen of her the better!


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