Garner: Jobs for the boys

Duncan Garner has tweeted () National’s jobs for the boys.

  1. Tim Groser to Washington shortly.
  2. David Carter to London (last time I asked him if he was set to be Speaker – he lied to my face)
  3. Gerry Brownlee to become Speaker. (Later knighted)

“I don’t guess in this game mate.”

For that it’s fair to give him a plug:

@RadioLIVENZ Drive from 3pm weekdays ‘where content is always king.’

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  1. David

     /  6th April 2015

    All good appointments. Labours caucus was so deadset useless there were very few jobs for them except getting lost as a lone voice on some obscure board somewhere.

  2. David

     /  6th April 2015

    I recall hearing that awful Georgina Bayer having a moan because Clark wouldn’t tap her for a cosy job after politics. She got a job eventually at Michael Hill and managed to be let go from that.

  3. duperez

     /  6th April 2015

    Sir David Carter and Sir Gerry Brownlee are as good a reason as any to have stayed rid of the old honours system.

  4. Concerned Kiwi

     /  7th April 2015

    Garner falls into line with Bradbury, Hager, Vance, Campbells, Marwick, Hickey, Espiners, Armstrong, et al . . . all slimey left-wing scum, who slither around in support of Lazy Little Andy, the union slug.

  5. Brown

     /  7th April 2015

    Yep, Garner is far less important than he thinks he is.

  6. TheKeyboardWorrier

     /  7th April 2015

    Duncan Garner is a big fat leftie greaseball who thinks that his shit doesn’t stink.

  7. Karen

     /  7th April 2015

    Duncan Garner is just a nasty person who thinks his left leaning self righteousness gives him the right to sneer and snipe at those who don’t see the world as he does. He’s quite vicious and unpleasant.


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