Ultimate ironies

Lynn Prentice continues to try and defend his ignorance and bluster – and has tried to block all access to The Standard. What’s he trying to hide from, me spotting his bull and exposing it? He continues trying to defend himself – digging a deeper hole.

The old Auckland City council was a teeny area and a teeny population compared to whole of the Auckland city. It was dominated by a couple of pretty rich suburbs where some people voted.

‘Felix’ pointed out:

Um, Auckland City was a small geographic area but it actually had a population larger than either Manukau or Waitakere. Hardly teeny.

I highlighted this in lprent is right and Prentice

I was exaggerating a bit for effect, but Auckland city has been falling below a third of the Auckland region population for about as long as I have been around.

He then provided figures that show it was 33.7% (1986) to 30.6% (2006) of the greater Auckland population, nothing like ‘teeny’ even allowing for exaggeration, and still the largest of the four component cities in 2010. He now claims:

Sigh…. You don’t think that 30% is a smaller portion than 70% in population.

Of course 30%-ish is smaller than three other city populations added together, but hardly “a teeny population compared to whole of the Auckland city”.  And he has the chutz pah to say:

For someone else I’d call this simple sloppy work. But you have a track record of writing bullshit like this. It is called lying by omission and is something that you seem to share with Nick Smith who also routinely lies in a very similar way. Don’t show the source of the material and carefully drop a few inconvenient facts that counter your arguments.

Even felix called him on his sloppy work and ‘lying by omission’,  showing his own “a track record of writing bullshit like this”. And now he has taken his obsession with trying to shut me up to a new level of childishness. He had threatened to not only ban me from The Standard, he said “ I will have to think about doubling the penalty for wasting my time“. Well, he has wasted even more of his time. He has tried to divert any of my attempts to view Standard pages to a self portrait of himself. That’s the lengths he will go to to try and avoid scrutiny of The Standard. To show how he has wasted his own time yet again, here’s the latest post at The Standard:

Here’s a handy index to truther claims and the rebuttals thereof. Should save you some effort in future iterations of this argument. Skepticism is healthy when applied to TPTB but not so useful when opining on matters requiring some training in engineering or science. There are plenty of real conspiracies happening under our noses, no need to add a fictional one (the military surveillance state, brazen bankster rorts, TPPA and the sale of NZ for example)

I guess the lecture about how he has confirmed his ban and extended it and blocked me. He threatened:

To give you an incentive – you are banned for a year for lying about this site – unless you can provide one by the end of easter. Then I remove as much access as I can to this site from you.

I wonder what he will try next in his obsession to try and avoid scrutiny? How old is Prentice?

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  1. traveller

     /  7th April 2015

    LP and his prescriptive writers employ sophistry over original thought to induce a predictable sycophantic response. Like most political bloggers they’re not there to provide a forum that encourages independent analytical thought but merely to reinforce and spread their own bias. TS is a meeting place for sloganeers who respect the “aren’t we awesome” “your thoughts are mine-entirely” environment provided for his own gratification. Dissenters cannot be tolerated and reason is neither desired or allowed.


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