Unsurprising news – Boston murderer found guilty

There’s lot of attention to the guilty verdicts for the ‘Boston bomber’ – the terrorist who murdered innocent people.

I’d have been very surprised if he wasn’t found guilty. But this news is an ‘oh yeah’ sort of thing.

It will be of a bit more interest if he is given the death penalty. I have no sympathy for someone who callously murders but in general I don’t like the idea of killing for killing.

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  1. AC/DC

     /  9th April 2015

    I would gladly flick the switch on this horrible bastard..

  2. kittycatkin

     /  9th April 2015

    You say that, but I suspect that the reality might be different. I don’t think that many people could do it without revulsion. I have heard of people who have witnessed the executions of those who have murdered family members, believing that it would bring ‘closure’ (that much over-rated notion) but found that it didn’t-it was just horrible.

    • Missy

       /  9th April 2015

      I agree there Kittycatkin. Interesting side note (but related to AC/DC and your comments), I have been watching on BBC a show called Banished, about the convicts in NSW, and in one episode a convict was to be hanged if he committed a particular offence, the reverend agreed with the punishment, so the Governor told the reverend if the convict transgressed again the reverend would be the one to do the hanging. Interestingly the reverend could not carry through with it.

      My point I am trying to make is that it is very well us agreeing with, or believing in, the death penalty, but the reality of executing someone is probably something most of us would not be able to go through with.


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