Campbell Live threat commercial or political reality?

The onslaught of coverage of a ‘review’ of the Campbell Live show continues (as does the Campbell Live Show).

There have been claims that the possible killing of the show are politically motivated. For example ‘amirite’ says:

Fran O’Sullivan practically confirms that CampbellLive demotion is indeed politically motivated.

Kiwiri – Raided of the Last Shark:

Then they came for John Campbell. And what did you say?

This refers to Fran’s column Valiant Campbell may have provoked political antagonists too often.

He has not been afraid to challenge the Prime Minister directly where some of his rivals have adopted a more supine stance.

Yes. I remember when he ambushed Helen Clark in ann interview in 2002 over ‘corngate’ and she called him “a sanctimonious little creep”. Here is video of that interview.

But despite many on the left seeing the threat to Campbell’s show as political O’Sullivan also points out:

The broad underlying commercial issue is that TV3 — which is still financially stretched and is building towards an IPO — can hardly be required to keep the programme in a prime slot unless it retains and grows ratings and revenues.

And Campbell Live is performing poorly compared to TV1’s Seven Sharp and TV2’as Shortland Street – and compared to how Campbell has rated in the past.

And Anthony Robins raises it to post level at The Standard in O’Sullivan on Campbell, Weldon and Key.

So there we have it – Key’s loyal and personal friend is out to shut down the last investigative journalism left on TV. Just a bit too inconvenient for an arrogant and incompetent government in its third-term death spiral I guess.

Robins has quoted very selective parts of O’Sullivan’s column – lprent calls that sort of thing lying by omission and bans people for it…except when he agrees the slanted author message.

While Campbell tends left in his interests, sympathies and his social campaigns he works for a commercial channel that has a history of failing to make enough money.

If Campbell Live stays alive for the good of democracy then  the whole of TV3 could die, including other current affairs programmes like The National. And New Zealand would lose their political reporting from the likes of Patrick Gower.

And Gower is no darling of the left, so they would probably applaud his demise – some of them already virtually demand it.

So while the review of Campbell Live is undoubtedly commercial reality many of the protests are politically motivated.

(Note: I’d personally prefer Campbell Live not to be replaced by more brain dead ‘reality’ TV but I recognise the right of a commercial media organisation to broadcast any crap they like).

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  1. Sponge

     /  11th April 2015

    I suppose all these bell ends think that the low ratings are a conspiracy too (presumably one managed by the GCSB)?

  2. kittycatkin

     /  11th April 2015

    Why anyone would want to watch the supercilious Mike Hosking is a mystery to me.

  3. Concerned Kiwi

     /  11th April 2015

    He is deeply involved with Dotcrim . . . he is a charlatan and a left-wing leech . . . end of story.

  4. Alan Wilkinson

     /  11th April 2015

    Farrar has really got under O’Sullivan’s skin with his columnist’s bias survey. Excellent exposure.

  5. David

     /  11th April 2015

    O,Sullivans column wasa shocker, I realize it’s an opinion piece but if it’s her opinion that Weldon shut down Campbell on Keys instructions then she probably needs to take a sabbatical and gather herself together. She used to be quite a good business journalist with great inside knowledge but who in the business community is going to take her seriously now she has gone al Hagar ish.

    • Alan Wilkinson

       /  11th April 2015

      Yes, I stopped taking her seriously quite a while ago. And she was never a patch upon Jenni McManus and Warren Berryman.

  6. Mike C

     /  12th April 2015

    LOL. It’s ridiculous for anyone to believe that John Key has the ability to get John Campbell axed. O’Sullivan’s writings these days make her look more like a Conspiracy Theorist than a Journalist. The woman is either making up stories in a desperate attempt to try and remain relevant, or she is beginning to lose all of her marbles.

  7. traveller

     /  12th April 2015

    She has an agenda also and she’s letting it get in her way. Too often the case in journalism these days

  8. Mediaworks are simply listening to the people that really matter – their customers. And their customers, the advertisers who use TV3, are not happy. Advertisers are looking at the declining audience – in particular, some key demographics have tuned off Campbell Live (with respect to Martyn Bradbury and Russell Brown, they are not the target that Mazda want to pitch their products to). Advertisers are also wondering about brand association with Campbell Live, especially post the GCSB item which ruined the show’s credibility (Mazda, for instance, want to associate their products with a show that is professional, has integrity, etc).

    That Fran O’Sullivan thinks this has anything to do with John Key is bizarre.

    • It was a bizarre claim by O’Sullivan – she seems to have over-reacted to David Farrar’s research into media coverage of politics, including here.

  9. Concerned Kiwi

     /  12th April 2015

    The more I see of left-wing support for this greasy little leech, the more I want to see him out. He has nothing going for him, and time his association with Dotcom was made public; after all, he is a transparency supporter!

    • traveller

       /  13th April 2015

      I think you’ll find that “transparency” doesn’t extend to viewer statistics and him facing the reality his show is out of date, out of favour and doesn’t reflect Kiwi’s values or desire for 7.00pm TV watching. 😉

  10. duperez

     /  12th April 2015

    Seeing “The more I see of left-wing support for this greasy little leech, the more I want to see him out” immediately after the reference to David Farrar, gives the impression you think Farrar is a greasy little leech. If that was your intention your discernment is on the improve!


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