Terrorist bombing suggested in reaction to Campbell Live

There’s been a lot of bizarre claims about the politics involved in the suggested review of Campbell Live. ‘Sanctuary’ is one of the more extreme. At Dim-Post (commenting on Leadership! which only talks about the commercial aspects):

I guess if John key’s cronies get to shut down all critical debate we’ll just have to start stocking up on fertilizer and diesel and try to find new ways of informing them.

That seems to be a clear suggestion of some sort of Oklahoma City bombing.

rayinnz responded:

Is this the same Sanctuary who while busily calling for a real Public Broadcasting Service was also demanding utu against journalists who he felt didn’t follow his party line
Now its armed revolution.


No one is advocating armed revolution, just suggesting the usual alternative methods of gaining the attention of politicians when all the democratic ones are taken away.

In “the usual alternative methods” he was fairly clearly advocating bombing. Reviewing Campbell Live, and shutting it down if that happens, has nothing to do with taking away democratic methods.

That isn’t the only p[lace Sanctuary has been commenting on it. At The Standard:

Public broadcasting – by which I mean not just TVNZ but all the free to air broadcasters – are almost at the logical conclusion of the free market experiment.

TV3 are obliged by the conditions of their license to offer news and current affairs. I’d revoke their licence and give it to Maori TV, along with their frequency.

I don’t know how much they are ‘obliged’ to offer news and current affairs but they are not required to continue poorly supported shows.


it is actually quite scary that the last bastion of prime time current affairs can be shut down by frankly pro-government cronies with barely a murmur. In the end, if democrracy proves to “to risky” for John Key, will it go the same way as Campbell live, accompanied by a cackle of soothing and supportive noises from Hoskings, Henry, Larry Williams and David Farrar?

That was on a post that says:

So there we have it – Key’s loyal and personal friend is out to shut down the last investigative journalism left on TV. Just a bit too inconvenient for an arrogant and incompetent government in its third-term death spiral I guess.

This is over the top drivel, but not as bad as suggesting something like this:

Disgraceful from Sanctuary, but that’s just an extreme example of a lot of nonsense being spouted over something that hasn’t even happened.

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  1. Concerned Kiwi

     /  12th April 2015

    Just shows how low the left are. Hope GCSB take a good look at this and the bastards responsible.

  2. rayinnz

     /  12th April 2015

    It is a worry that there are characters like Sanctuary and Bomber floating around
    Often wondered if they are the same person although Sanctuary usually seems saner but I picture them both as verging on middle age, undisclosed incomes, and tapping away on their keyboards about the evils of consumerism/John Key

  3. Concerned Kiwi

     /  12th April 2015

    What is annoying about these scumbag left-wing mongrels, when one confronts them over an issue, they threaten police intervention and assault charges . . . like the little creep they are supporting, these pieces of shit have no guts . . . in the mould of Union Andy.

  4. kittycatkin

     /  12th April 2015

    As Campbell Live seems to have, to a great extent, left current affairs for sensationalist stories, it won’t be much of a loss. I wish that we had a decent current affairs show in the evenings now, but we haven’t. I dislike CL’s rude and confrontational style for some people and soppiness for others (like the Bartletts whose $500,000 house wasn’t insured and who had ‘thought about it’ when the Christchurch earthquake happened) which is why I no longer watch it. What kind of moron sells a mortgage-free house, buys another with a huge mortgage and then doesn’t bother to insure it ? But CL bustled around, filled the flat that, from the sound of it, some other family had to leave for the Bartletts to move in, with so much stuff that they could hardly move in it. This despite the fact that the Sallies and City Mission had offered to provide them with what they needed. But CL must have decided that 2nd hand wasn’t good enough. The Bartletts then went on Give a Little asking for (I think) $50,000 or $60,000 and any goods that people could spare….

    Then CL took up the cause of the family in the 2 bedroom house who had refused a three bedroom one-heaven forbid that two boys should share a room-so that the allegedly dying mother could leave her 4 boys in a nice big house with a room each. CL seemed unaware that state houses can’t be handed down !


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