Prentice ‘disclosure’

Irony alert.

Lynn Prentice has made a ‘disclosure’ in small print on an attack post on a fellow blogger/cpmpetitor, Cameron Slater has a idiot for a lawyer. (He also defends his use of ‘a idiot’ – “ I suspect that either a or an works in this case” – use of ‘a’ where ‘an’ is normal is a signature of his style).

Disclosure for the benefit of the usual trolls in the unlikely event that they read down this far.I have never met Cameron Slater. But after observing his behaviour for over seven years, I think he is simple in his inability to think things through to consequences, rather sociopathic in his inability to understand anyone elses feeling apart from his own, and inclined to be led by whoever is influencing him at the time. He appears to be a good match for being a simple thug. Which is why he has been such a useful tool for the factions in the right from John Key to Simon Lusk.

I also think that Slater brings blogging and journalists into disrepute. I have met good and effective journalists and I am a blogger who doesn’t tolerate the kind of crap that Slater has done. I want him gone from blogging. I presume most decent journalists want him gone from journalism.

Prentice also brings blogging ‘into disrepute’. He tolerates all sorts of crap at The Standard – and leads by example, being an abusive bullying crap artist who seems to have difficulty tolerating criticism or being held to account.

From what I have seen most ‘decent journalists’ would put Slater and Prentice into similar categories when it comes to blog behaviour and ethics.

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  1. Sponge

     /  14th April 2015

    That disclosure at the end of the post at the substandard you linked to had me roaring with laughter. My kids were asking me why I was laughing so much. The hypocrisy of Lynne Prentice knows no end.


  2. Rossy

     /  15th April 2015

    Never fails… Invariably, the scathing descriptions Leftists come up with for their enemy of the week – match 100% their own behaviours. “sociopathic in his inability to understand anyone elses feeling apart from his own, and inclined to be led by whoever is influencing him at the time.”

    • traveller

       /  15th April 2015

      Yes, I think the term is “projecting’ If ever a layman could describe anyone as a sociopath (takes one to know one) it’s Lynn. (talk about a boy name Sue)

  3. Noddy noo

     /  15th April 2015

    Prentice is one of the saddest old gits in the blogosphere the stories on him and slater at lauds fined are hilarious.

  4. Hey Prentice impersonating a soldier is a big no no

  5. kittycatkin

     /  15th April 2015

    Er, no, ‘A’ is used in front of consonants, ‘An’ in front ot vowels, This avoids an awkward pause and stops the speaker sounding like-well, like Cameron Slater.


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