Claim that Mediaworks engaged hitman for Campbell Live

In a very ironic post at Whale Oil Cameron Slater blasts Joe Trinder for a “concocted a story based on innuendo and gossip with no documentary proof” and then concocts a story based on innuendo with no documentary proof.


The tinfoil hat wearers at Mana News have concocted a story based on innuendo and gossip with no documentary proof, kind of like the Herald does as well. Joe Trinder, the union hack who wrote the article gets slammed in the comments.

Slater is fairly slow on that story, it’s two days old. But he then concocts a story of his own:

Not everyone will know that I had a secret meeting late last year with Mediaworks to talk about the future of media in NZ.

They came to learn.  It appears those at the meeting picked up the major points.

It is pleasing to see that things are working out as planned.

One by one I will make people who executed Dirty Politics against me realise that there are consequences for their decisions.

A claim as outlandish as Trinder’s. No documentary proof as per Trinder.

Who are we to believe?

I’m sure Mediaworks will be rapt with this, especially if there’s any truth to it – all media companies will be rushing to Slater for advice now.

UPDATE: And then Slater seems to contradict himself in Quote of the Day:

I don’t want to see it go. no journalist would ever want to see a current affairs show axed – but if it is axed, there is no-one to blame except the public. New Zealanders killed Campbell Live, because New Zealanders stopped watching.

It might be brutal but that is reality, not the lala land that Smalley usually inhabits along with her other pinko mates. But then again she is a “serious” journalist don’t you know.

If only the other media luvvies all wringing their hands over the Campbell Dead would learn these basic truths.

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  1. Concerned Kiwi

     /  16th April 2015

    Campbell is, and always has been, a union/left-wing lackey. Having the guts of a whitebait he can be manipulated by EPMU thugs at the behest of Gutless Little Andy. He made his bed, let him lie in it. Hope the Mazda has gone, he deserves a Lada.

    • Claiming Campbell can be manipulated by Andrew Little sounds as silly as claims Campbell could be sacked by John Key.

  1. Your NZ is reviewing my position | Your NZ

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