Dumping ODT and Sky

Our household has been considering dumping ODT and Sky subscriptions and we have just decided to do that. This will save us over a thousand dollars a year, sort of (depending on what we spend on alternatives instead).

I’m a bit nostalgic about the ODT, having read it often cover to cover for fifty years. But I find that these days I hardly bother reading it. Too busy online, and most of it’s content plus much much more is readily available online anyway. So one phone call and that’s the end of the ODT. All we have to do is find an alternative source of fire starting fuel.

Sky was a different decision. I’m very keen on sport. But the problem with Sky Sport is you have to pay for a whole lot of other crap to be able to get it. That has annoyed me for a long time.

We used to get Rialto but dropped that to reduce Sky costs and because the movie offerings had become very disappointing, there was rarely a decent movie available at a time that suited.

We also used to get the Sky guide which was kinda useful and I don’t like Sky’s online channel guide but dropped that too to reduce the Sky costs. A little.

But it has still been costing $74.75 a month, which is close to $900 a year. For:

  • Some good stuff.
  • A lot of crap.
  • Far too many channels we don’t watch.
  • Too much advertising.
  • Too much self promotional interruptions.
  • A heap of repeats.
  • A lot of crap.
  • Too little choice to just pay for what we’re interested in.
  • And you have to pay even more to get the rugby channel.
  • And you have to pay even more to get decent quality HD.

Unlike ODT you can’t just drop your subscription. You have to give a month’s notice. Why? I have no idea, unless it’s to force you to pay another $75 you don’t want to spend. What this does is deter us from resubscribing for short term things of interest because you have to commit to time you may not want or need.

So early next month we will no longer have Sky.

What will we do without the ODT and SKY. Plenty. We already have the Internet so will stream more. And browse more for exactly what we want, when we want it.

And we have decided to invest in a Samsung Smart TV. This is $1100 up front but we’ll get something for the old TV. And it saves us buying another PC as it is effectively a large screen computer with WiFi and Freeview decoder. So we will have free-to-air channels plus anything from the growing number of online services we want.

Proper choice, unlike the Sky way of forcing crap onto you that you don’t want. Sky charges $48 a month for the crap channels you mostly don’t want before you can get a look in at the ones you want.

And in making these changes we have left the past and joined the future of media information and entertainment. Choice.

With the lost of sports channels we will miss a few games. And go and watch it live a bit more. Or go out to the pub and watch it. Instead of being trapped in a dinosaur TV bubble at home.

Choice of what you watch and choice of when you watch it. And choice of what you want to pay for.

Does Sky have anything like this? I checked their website and they list Sky on Demand. But:

SkyOnDemandThey could get with the future and give me choice at a reasonable cost. Or they could be too late. I didn’t click BACK TO SKY. Too busy on the Internet.

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  1. David

     /  15th April 2015

    We are doing the same thing Pete, we just got rid of Sky sport and will go to the pub mates places to watch any event. We own a Samsung smart TV and we have just signed up for Lightbox which has some great stuff and also for Netflix which is a little average to be honest. Sky movies will be the next to go but I think it’s Sky’s CEO Fellet who needs to go as he was a man for yesteryear and they are going to get slaughtered unless they step up their game.
    Hopefully Slingshot will tell the media companies to get stuffed and continue with global mode and I will dump Vodafone and move across to them so I can get the US Netflix and BBC I player.
    Samsung Smart TVs are cool and I highly recommend getting one.

  2. kittycatkin

     /  15th April 2015

    We don’t have Sky & I don’t know what ODT is.(Otago Daily Times ?) There is so little on the free to air channels that I wouldn’t bother to have a television at all, but my old man is a news addict & the reception online isn’t great. Our poor lonely set spends most of its life veiled by a piece of 60s fabric.

    The Paul Henry Show doesn’t seem to be doing too well. I haven’t seen any of it, as I’m not that fond of annoying myself and have better things to do with my time..

    • I’m very disappointed with the Paul Henry Show, but it shouldn’t be a surprise it’s mostly about Paul Henry and his opinions and his ‘humour’ interspersed with a bit of news of the day. For me it’s a big turnoff. Which is what I do.

    • Yes, sorry, ODT is the oldest daily newspaper in New Zealand, the Otago Daily Times (except Sundays). Local news is sort of important but it has to modernise or it’s going to fade out of significance.

  3. Love the Paul Henry show.! And with the US netflix at $12.00 month you have every imaginable show or movie available on demand. Haven’t bought a newspaper in years..all too boring and the trend of filling them up with “comment” from all sorts of disaffected or biased people makes them unreadable. Its a cheap option from the media giants..they don’t have to pay for the articles or pay staff to fill newspapers with actual “reporting”. Anyway from my perspective the papers and TV get all their news from the police station and the courts and their is just so much negative news one can watch without switching off or using the paper to light the fire..


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