Flag irony

The Press/Stuff has a detailed and mainly anti-change article on the proposed referendums on whether New Zealand changes out flag or not, in Flags of political convenience.

The RSA CEO David Moger is quoted, he is campaigning against a change. The usual arguments are raised. Including the insensitivity of timing, with significant steps in the process coinciding with the ANZAC Day period this year and next year.

A point is made with a degree of irony:

White crosses in Cranmer Square, Christchurch, represent men who died in World War I. Is it “insensitive” to talk about changing the flag now?

Each of those crosses would appear to have a fern on them. No sign of a union jack flag.

Like on the headstones of my Grandfather’s and my uncle’s war graves.

ewgrave2Bromley Cemetery, Christchurch

Faenza War CemeteryFaenza War Cemetery (WW2), Italy

See Silver fern is NZ history.

We can’t ignore the significant connection between the fern and our military – see Silver fern emblem used in Boer War  – and non-military past.

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  1. kittycatkin

     /  18th April 2015

    I feel that Mr Moger is being disingenuous.

    Tangent; I really dislike the circular ‘poppy’ emblem that’s being seen this year. It seems highly disrespectful to turn the poppy into something that’s only recognisable because of the context; it looks like a target or a new road sign. How difficult is it to make a realistic poppy shape ? Two overlapping circles would do it. The simplified one is being promoted by the RSA-and I am singularly unimpressed.

  2. Brown

     /  19th April 2015

    Look at all those crosses as well. Danged religious nutters offering comfort to those who lost loved ones!


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