Kiwiblog full of excuses and blame diversion

David Farrar has mildly criticised John Key’s hair pulling harrassment at Kiwiblog – Inappropriate if accurate.

Key has apologised, he has acknowledged his behaviour was inappropriate “in retrospect”, and I haven’t seen him dispute any of the claims made.


But again in this case (assuming the story is correct) he appears to have seriously misjudged how what he saw as mucking around, was received, and he failed to pick up on the discomfort caused.

That’s reasonable comment but putting it fairly mildly.

Less mild is a lot of the reaction at Kiwiblog, where there’s been a cacophony of disbelief, excuse making and blaming the victim.

Funnily the first and one of the most sensible reactions was from Redbaiter:

If the story is true, its amazing no one around Key told him he was making a fool of himself.

If he was the easy going guy his public image suggests, why couldn’t one of his minders have had a word in his ear?

This just seems too weird to be true, but if it is, then maybe there’s a side to Key the public doesn’t know about.

17 up and 9 down ticks.

And next from notrotsky:

Despite my better instincts I’ve just read the story at the daly blog….

If it is true it is more than serious misjudgement it is harassment, if the person in question was a relative or friend i would be furious.

Unacceptable from anyone but from a PM this is the kind of thing that should see him severely censured.

As RB says above it is amazing that no-one called him on this behaviour.

16 up, 4 down

But it went mostly downhill from there. BeaB:

Interesting that everyone is prepared to believe every word. I suspect this is a beat-up.
The involvement of Bronagh is enough for me to think it never happened as described, not to mention how polite and appropriate Key’s behaviour has always been in any setting I have seen him. It just doesn’t have the ring of truth.
Especially when it is printed by such a disreputable blogger!

37 up, 1 down

peterwn should know better than this:

Yesterday, while in a waiting room, I half read an article in a North South magazine (I think) about how some women claim to have been psychologically wrecked by hand on knee etc. So it makes me wonder if it is just another smear attack on John Key inspired by that article or similar. His political enemies smeared him right from the time he became National leader. The claims were not outrageous but went along the lines that he was not quite up to being PM etc – as such claims are more likely to be believed than more outrageous claims, then of course claims that he was ‘slippery’ coming later Labour’s polling firm even asked a question about this presumably to gauge whether the ‘slippery’ tag was having a positive or negative effect on people.

23 up, 0 down


Interesting too, how this has been put about while the PM is at Gallipoli. Hence, the story will have time to grow legs before he can respond.
The absolute epitome of Key Derangement Syndrome, and I’d wager that John Campbell has already had at least two orgasms since he got wind of it.
Will be fascinating to see how this pans out.

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Another lawyer takes sides without any evidence evident – alex Masterly

I have never taken anything that appears on the Daily Blog seriously. Why should I start now?
Anyway the dealings I have had with the PM have always been courteous good natured and polite.

25 up, 1 down

Diversion into history by scrubone:

Interesting to see lefties claiming this will end Key, considering the list of things that Labour MPs got up to. Why, even Field was only kicked out for party disloyalty, not for being a corrupt MP. Benson-Pope still hasn’t answered for taking his BDSM habits into school classrooms, Trevor is still in parliment even though he got into a punchup, and Helen never answered for stealing $800,000 to help with the Labour election campaign.

22 up, 0 down


A few things which even some normally level-headed folk here appear to have missed:

1. The “source” ? – Anonymouse!

2. Published by whom, and where?

3. Wife Bronagh is said to have been present.

4. DPS security was present.

5. Others were apparently also present.


Absolute bullshit!

But in line with the “H fee/Fat Tony” attempt ….. and all the other smeared bullshit.

Strange that it “emerges” when Labour and their shills are seen to have made zero impact on Key/National.


26 up, 1 down


Man= guilty. Woman= innocent.

Don’t bother about facts.

Story of life in New Zealand 2015.

26 up, 4 down

In this case the man has admitted guilt.

Even a more reasoned begininng from Monty turns into a, excuse-fest, minimising the offence and attacking the messenger..

The story is obviously true as Key has through his office admitted to pulling the waitress hair. I do not condone his actions in any respect and believe the actions were somewhat appropriate, but I guess that John Key has been a very regular visitor to the café for several years. There is no doubt a high degree of familiarity with staff at the café.

But there are a couple of things that I question. Firstly the story appearing at the Daily Blog – has Martyn (Martin) Bradbury embellished it somewhat? It would be typical and expected of The left wing blog to certainly embellish the story as much as possible.

Reading body language can be extraordinary difficult. Certainly the first time no reaction what so ever, and reading the story it seems there was no reaction the second time either. I would think that the fact this went on several times there was no obvious sign it was. I think it was on the fourth and final time when she finally made it clear that the “game” (as she called it) was unwanted. Key straight away apologised and gave her a couple of bottles of wine. I am sure the apology would be genuine.

To my thinking and on the basis the apology was indeed genuine that should have been the end of the matter. But sometime later she has run off the Daily Blog, the most left wing hate blog run by hater Martyn (Martin) Bradbury.

Without excusing the behaviour of Key, the waitress should have quickly asked the security guard to ask John Key to stop (and he definitely would have in my opinion). She never really made the objection obvious.

27 up, 2 down


This is a ‘Dad Joke’. Dad thinks it’s funny, but everyone else rolls their eyes :)
This happened in the Key’s local cafe with Bronagh and security present.

Apparently it was a year ago and she didn’t make a complaint to her boss. She went to a politically lefty blog and doesn’t want to be identified.

Smells politically like a fish left in the sun!

30 up, 1 down

It wasn’t a year ago and she did complain. Key’s wife is reported to have pointed out the inappropriateness.


Whilst I don’t understand how the PM thought that this might be acceptable behaviour, I am astounded that the waitress let this continue for more than six months before saying anything.

“No means No” springs to mind… As soon as she said “stop” he did so, and immediately apologised. To allow unwanted attention to persist for so long without actually saying anything almost seems contrived… (though my judgement here is almost certainly coloured by the fact that she shopped her story to TDB…)

20 up, 0 down

And so it goes on. With a few counter-comments, like radvad:

“Inappropriate” does not cut it DPF. “Creepy” and “stupid” describe his behaviour better.

5 up, 12 down

David Garrett:

Just flicked across to the Herald story which is somewhat more detailed than Stuff. If what she says is accurate – and Bradbury claims to have a sworn affidavit from the soon to be outed waitress – then it happened several times, even after Mrs Key told the PM it was inappropriate. Not acceptable. And more than a little odd, especially if it did indeed happen several times.

And when peterwn accepts the story:

 it is now through normal channels – the current Stuff headline (if it can be believed) indicates the incident is pure fact.

3 up, 2 down.

Few willing to accept facts.

And doesn’t change much through a lengthy thread.

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  1. duperez

     /  22nd April 2015

    You can talk about housing in Auckland, poverty, the number of unemployed or threats to our society from foreign radicals but this paints a far more dire picture of our society.

    The situation involving Mr Key and the waitress is not the end of the world but the defence of his actions, the disbelief about the story (some details of which were corroborated of RadioLive this afternoon) and the lack of understanding and empathy for the woman and the circumstances she found herself in are appalling.

    When such a woeful contribution comes from someone said to be a lawyer is even posted let alone supported, we live in a grim society.

  2. I’m FORCED to recall the joke about Consultants being those who come down from the hills after the battle is over to bayonet the survivors..

  3. kittycatkin

     /  23rd April 2015

    I wasn’t surprised that Graham McGreedy-for-attention has decided to shove his oar in and take a case for ‘sexual harassment in the workplace.’ The only problem being that it’s not John Key’s workplace. And while it may be annoying, it’s hardly sexual harassment.

    Look at the things that are happening in the world. 900 people drowned in one boat tragedy. How many people were killed in wars today ? How many women were raped ?

    We are about to commemorate Gallipoli. The men who were there suffered a lot worse than some silly attention seeking waitress. How can anyone even consider this worth all the serious discussion ?

  1. Armstrong: “That must surely be to his political cost” | Your NZ

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