McCready meddling

‘Serial litigant’ Graham McCready is again trying to meddle in things that really aren’t his business. When I heard Martyn Bradbury was involved in the hair pulling revelations I groaned. McCready jumping on the attention seeking bandwagon is uber-groan territory.

Newstalk ZB report:

Private prosecutor Graham McCready is now filing a complaint with the Human Rights Commission, and plans to take it to court, claiming it was sexual harassment.

“This incident is too important,” McCready said, “too much in the public interest for that not to happen.”

“It could distress her but we’ll deal with that as we go along.”

Too important for whom?

Too bad if it distresses ‘her’, this looks all about an opportunist attention seeker.

Taking it to the Human Rights Commission would be highly ironic considering how McCready seems to be ignoring the victim’s rights and is promoting his own interests.

Claiming it was sexual harassment seems out of order to me. The incidents happened in a very public place, with his wife present. I don’t see any sexual connotations.

McCready’s meddling is likely to do far more harm than good, especially to the victim of the hair pulling. It loks like selfish grandstanding and an attempt at a political hit job.

McCready is making a circus out of something that has already blown up far more than is warranted.

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  1. Russ

     /  24th April 2015

    McCready! What a surprise, can’t help himself… there’s his fetish right there

  2. Concerned Kiwi

     /  24th April 2015

    McCready is just another left-wing pest . . . where does his funding come from?

  3. David

     /  24th April 2015

    I say good on McReady and RNZ devoting half an hour to it, Katie Bradford (the good friend of Cunliffe) bouncing up and down in delight, Harre comparing him to Rolf Harris, Gower and Garner going right over the top and all,the wall to wall coverage.
    Already the public are over what was a pretty minor incident, it’s a bit weird but Key is hardly a stranger to doing odd stuff. The left and there mates in the media have over cooked it and now Key has sympathy.
    It’s Anzac Day tomorow, Key has been at a peace summit with the Turkish and Iraqi leaders and our serious media want to talk about a hair pulling incident from months ago. Our media are embarrassing children.

  4. Concerned Kiwi

     /  24th April 2015

    RNZ: The domain of botty bandits, dykes, leeches, thieves, and losers.

  5. Alan Wilkinson

     /  24th April 2015

    McCready’s prosecution seems likely to suffer from a distinct lack of evidence. Hope he has deep pockets to pay all the costs himself this time, rather than the taxpayer who is stumping up for the Banks fiasco he initiated.

  6. kittycatkin

     /  24th April 2015

    Maybe he still has some of the money he was convicted of ripping off. Or, more likely, it will be the taxpayer again. I find his ambiguous statement about how it will be distressing but they’ll deal with that as they go along rather disturbing, What arrogance.But he is an arrogant sod. Thank goodness he wasn’t around when that idiot thumped me in the street. ‘

    Nobody I’ve talked to has much sympathy for the waitress. The idea that it was ‘sexual harassment in the workplace’ is insane. it’s not John Key’s workplace. The general idea seems to be that if she felt that strongly, she should have said so.

    If women want to be taken seriously, categorising the smallest thing as victimisation has to stop-especially if it’s the sort of thing that men would be expected to not make a great fuss about. Deal with it yourself and stop being so girly, ladies.

  7. Concerned Kiwi

     /  25th April 2015

    There is a bright side to this . . . she will now be an unemployable unit, having nothing to offer other than her new association with Bradbury, Harre, Corkery, Bradford, and all the other losers of society. Maybe Dotcom will give her a little bit of monetary support, in lieu of paying his staff. She is what will be known as a political pawn, but worthless.

  8. Mike C

     /  25th April 2015

    @George. The Billingsley/Diplomat case seems to be dragging on forever. Has a date for the hearing been set down yet?


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