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24 April 2015

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  1. Concerned Mum

     /  24th April 2015

    Reported on Newstalk ZB –

    ‘Prominent Kiwi’s case goes to High Court….

    A prominent New Zealander has had his case moved to the High Court.
    The man is facing 12 charges of indecent assault brought by two complainants.
    He appeared in the District Court on Monday – but the location of that Court is suppressed.
    He’s been remanded on bail, to reappear at the High Court next week.
    Other details around the case remain heavily suppressed’

    Goodness me, what is going on in this once safe and beautiful country?
    Just how many ‘Prominent New Zealanders’ can there be facing these type of charges??

  2. Jade Helm anyone?

    Paez said Tuesday that the men had noticed her recording moments earlier and began to back up toward her to block her view. About 27 seconds into the video, a third man, a deputy U.S. marshal wearing a tactical vest and carrying a rifle, walks across a front lawn toward the sidewalk where Paez is standing.

    Paez said she began recording when she saw the law enforcement presence, their military-style weapons and a line of people being detained. She said the officers started letting the people they detained go soon after she pulled out her phone and started recording.

  3. Pete –

    Re the hair-pulling thing…

    The facebook-sphere and various other talking heads are arguing that Key’s hair-pulling thing shows we need to “have a wider discussion about” sexism and misogyny in our society.

    Which is fine.. (although when the left talks about “having a wider discussion” you know they want to regulate or outlaw stuff)

    Premise 1 of this argument is “Even our PRIME MINISTER is a casually-sexist arsehole, ignorant of the misogyny women put up with every day..”

    The conclusion is: “Therefore we clearly have a widespread and deeply-ingrained problem.”

    The problem with premise 1, is, a few months ago there was a pop song explicitly advocating that John Key’s daughter should be raped. Student radio played it, and student magazines defended it to the hilt. I suspect a little research would reveal many of the same feminist, lefty people who are currently making hay out of this ponytail thing probably defended it, or at least turned a blind eye to it. (Because it was attacking National, and therefore it was for the greater good.)

    I’d argue that makes premise 1 a fallacy, because CLEARLY Key must be aware of the kind of misogynist attitudes that are out there. All too aware. So if he’s can’t possibly be some kind of ignorant, sexist monster, then perhaps this whole ponytail issue is a little bit less than it’s being billed as?


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