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26 April 2015

Your input is important.

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  1. Cha Ching!

     /  26th April 2015

    The NZ Herald reports:

    ‘UP TO 20 OF CHINA’S MOST WANTED ECONOMIC FUGITIVES’, have fled to this country to escape justice..

    China’s nterpol have released a list of names and photographs of China’s ‘TOP 100 MOST WANTED’, all on suspicion of corruption.

    Bribery, embezzlement and fraud, were the most common charges.

    One of those named is is Yan Sun (aka BILL LIU), who is alleged to have fled to New Zealand, having been accused of a $129 million fraud in his country!

    When you extrapolate out the numbers, we could be talking BILLIONS!!

    It’s no wonder that honest, hard working New Zealander;s, are finding it difficult to get a foot on the property here in Auckland. Where better for these alleged Chinese fugitives to park their ill gotten gains.

    Let’s hope they chase down these corrupt individuals, seize their assets, and hand them over to China’s ‘CENTRAL COMMISSION FOR DISCIPLINE’ to face trial.

    And the other thing I find somewhat alarming, is that I suspect there could be a lot more than just 20 of these fugitives here in New Zealand. When my husband and I studied the ‘mugshots’ published in the Herald, we both thought that we recognized nearly all of them, most working as waiters in Chinese restaurants.

  2. The Matrix has you..


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