A union or an activist front?

This comment at The Standard makes me wonder what the main focus of the Unite Union is – representing worker’s or providing a front for an anti-Government protest movement?

Unite union has been well represented at virtually every protest from TPPA, selling State assets, Oil drilling protests, opposing charter schools, defending Glen Innes State housing, etc., supporting Gaza/Palestine. In fact Unite’s Joe Carolan often speaks to the crowd at these protest rallies and is commonly on a megaphone during the marches. The Unite people have been very visible o social justice issues on all issues of social justice.

I hope they sometimes manage to remember the workers who pay their union fees that make all this possible. And considering this is pertinent at the moment, especially if Unite goes ahead and aids the aggrieved waitress in legal action against John Key.

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  1. kittycatkin

     /  1st May 2015

    Unite a political activist organisation ? Oh, surely not ! 😀

  2. Mike C

     /  1st May 2015

    The Unite Union and Joe Carolan and all of his slime-ball cronies alterior motives have gone unpublished and unexposed for far too long. It is well overdue time for a very high powered lantern to shine heaps of light onto the Unite Unions “Nocturnal Activities” 🙂

  3. Mike C

     /  2nd May 2015

    Apparently Amanda Bailey has declined to be a witness for Graeme McCready in his attempt to prosecute the Prime Minister.

    However, Ms Bailey has not ruled out working with the Unite Union left wing radical scum-bags like Joe Carolan, and trying to take the National Government down via a slightly different strategy.

    Amanda Bailey is either really gullible, or she thinks that hooking up with that bunch of low-lifes at Unite Union is going to bring her political riches.

    Time will tell which type of fool she is 🙂


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