Medical Cannabis and the Courts… Consistent???

Just last night I read an article about another legitimate cannabis user was before the courts and was given 12 months suspended sentence for growing 17 plants.  His condition was Spina Bifida and IBS.    He was caught out by an aerial search when a police helicopter spotted them in his backyard.  Although he has stayed out of prison it has cost him his job.

I note that a few years ago in Takaka, a woman Victoria Davis  was caught growing 62 Cannabis Plants, but was discharged without conviction.  She was growing them for her husband who lost both his legs, and was left battling phantom limb pains,  a condition that also plagues another Medical Cannabis Activist, Billy Mckee, who also ended up being hauled through the courts on what could almost be considered entrapment by the police, the NZ Drug Foundation certainly thought so.

So why was this man found guilty and handed a sentence, for 17 plants, when another gets off for 62?  was it gender or age bias?  was it the visibility of Victoria’s husbands condition versus a largely invisible illness?    The degree of difference in the handling of this is huge, and going forward, the Police will look more and more out of touch with reality and public opinion they continue to harass legitimate medical users who have no legal alternatives, and as Australia plows ahead with Medical Cannabis reforms.

Speaking of unequal treatment, J Day is coming up, and there will be a lot of recreational folk flouting the law openly, the police will be taking a hands off approach as all ways,   why not harass and charge them rather than the countries invalids?

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  1. The Police always say ‘we’re just doing our job’ (which is true) BUT; they also are amongst the loudest voices to maintain the status quo – PROHIBITION (job protection ?)

    Nearly all other western nations are moving away from zero-tolerance (esp Medicinal), but our Govt. just keep repeating the same B-S mantra ‘NO relaxing of drug laws.. regardless of the evidence’ (except sativex.. definitely not natural herb.).. “stand up & be counted on J-day” lets END this nonsense in 2015 !! :/

    • Alan Wilkinson

       /  1st May 2015

      It is disgusting that the guy lost is job over this. A lot of people should be ashamed of themselves. I would be sickened if my employment had this result. But I guess these kinds of people have no conscience.

      • What gets me going is Jday will have no arrests, and this person is getting fragged, a Quick google of the side effects of Spina Bifida shows the following
        “What conditions are associated with Spina Bifida?
        Children and young adults with Spina Bifida can have mental and social problems. They also can have problems with walking and getting around or going to the bathroom, latex allergy, obesity, skin breakdown, gastrointestinal disorders, learning disabilities, depression, tendonitis and sexual issues.”

  2. @SLB

    Whilst I do often attend J-day (supporting/protesting for all law reform).. I think the priority needs to be on medicinal use, first. BUT as long as Dunne is writing/responsible for the Govt. policy (with support of Key & others) nothing will likely change.

    It is more disgusting, that he still appears to support synthetics ? (more harmful) but refuses to even consider the natural herb. He stated it was banned under UN convention (WRONG) & used the word ‘underwhelming’ to describe its potential as a medicine, at the recent UN meeting in Vienna !!


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