Prominent New Zealander case progress – slow

Stuff reports on the ‘prominent New Zealander’ case that apparently no one is allowed to know about – althouygfh with each step a bit more information seems to be eked out.

Prominent New Zealander will stand trial on indecent assault charges in 2016

A prominent New Zealander facing 12 charges of indecent assault will stand trial in April next year.

The man appeared in the High Court on Thursday, where Justice Paul Heath confirmed the man’s continued interim name suppression through to trial.

A trial date of April 4, 2016, was set.

The man has pleaded not guilty to all charges and was excused from attending a trial call over in June.

Most details of the case are suppressed to protect the identity of the alleged victims.

How serious must the charges be for it to be taking this long?

More details have been provided on a website It’s probably prudent not to link to.

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  1. Mike C

     /  1st May 2015

    That Court Case will never come even remotely close to being as slow as the fucking snail driving the DotCom’n’Co Extradition Court Case 🙂


     /  1st May 2015

    Goodness me, it’s gotten so we’re not even sure WHO we can trust anymore!!

    Headmasters, Doctors, Judges, Priests, Politicians, Knights of the Realm……all are considered ‘Prominent New Zealanders’ …..

    Guess I just wont be letting our daughters out of my sight until we find out exactly who it is facing not one, but TWELVE, indecent assault charges. 😦

    I really have to wonder where this country is heading.

    • Mike C

       /  1st May 2015

      Love ya heaps Tess, but please shuddup about that Court Case until such time as it becomes one that we can actually legally discuss in depth and with total truth 🙂

  3. Pierre

     /  1st May 2015

    Interestingly the [unnamed] website reports “xxx has pleaded not guilty to 12 charges, amongst them indecent assault” – that seems to contradict Stuff that suggests all 12 are indecent assault. Hmm, reliable reporting strikes again.


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