‘Child indecency charges’ awkward for National

This is a different case to the one so many talk about but no one can mention, but ‘child indecency charges’ will be very awkward for National.

Stuff reports: Cabinet minister’s brother faces sex charges.

A Cabinet minister’s brother is due to appear in court this week on child indecency charges.

The man has been summonsed to appear in the District Court on Tuesday — but the man’s lawyer, high-powered Queen’s Counsel Jonathan Eaton, last night went to the High Court in Christchurch to obtain an injunction stopping the Sunday Star-Times naming the man or the minister concerned

A family member of the sex accused  said the matter was in the hands of defence lawyers.

Yesterday, the accused man’s solicitor John Westgate said it would be “entirely inappropriate” to name the man, as it would undermine his ability to apply for name suppression.

Last night, High Court Justice David Gendall imposed an interim injunction preventing the newspaper naming the accused and the Cabinet minister.

The Sunday Star-Times asked to be heard by the Court but the judge granted the injunction without giving the newspaper’s lawyer that opportunity.

The article tries to liken it to when Carmel Sepuloni’s mother faced charges but there’s no indication whether the Minister  has any responsibilities that could be related to the charges.

Sunday Star Times also narrows the field in their coverage, something media sometimes pushes the boundaries on at times.

This case is at the stage where someone is still just accused, nothing is proven.

On it’s own it may not have caused National too much bother, but with other issues they have had to try and deal with this makes things very awkward for them.

If name suppression is granted then that will increase accusations that suppression is something exploited by prominent New Zealanders.

And there’s one unique aspect – if name suppression is granted then even if justified it would make the standing down of the Minister a tad awkward, as that would give a fairly clear hint as to who might be involved.

Regardless of the severity and the chances of conviction or acquittal this is another awkward issue for National to deal with.

UPDATE: A major blog has already as good as identified the Minister.

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  1. Goldie

     /  3rd May 2015

    ” ‘child indecency charges’ will be very awkward for National.”
    The accused is a relative of a Cabinet Minister – so what? Irrelevant and slimy journalism.
    That you think that this sad case is somehow connected with politics suggests you need to get out of the house more Pete.

  2. paul468

     /  3rd May 2015

    Exactly Goldie. What my siblings do has absolutely nothing at all in any way anything to do with me or my life. Whatever the charges are it has absolutely nothing to do with National in any way shape or form; even if the person is a minister in charge of a department that will be dealing with the issues. This is a story about a person on charges of child indecency and thats where it ends. Why do we even give time to this sort of stuff?

  3. Seems the Left are desperate to find anything to continue the attack on Key the good bloke persona that has won National 3 elections…. Standard/s are lowering more and more…..


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