Tracey Martin: Fabians and ‘co-operation for progressive government’

Interesting to see NZ First deputy leader Tracey Martin involved with this Fabian Society discussion and is speaking on “political co-operation for progressive government” along with the Green Party General Manager.

Destination: Next Progressive Majority

The Fabian Society invites all those interested to join a discussion with Sir Michael Cullen, Peter Harris, Sarah Helm, Tracey Martin MP, Richard Harman and Lyndy McIntyre at  St  Andrew’s on the Terrace, Wellington, on Sunday 10th May at 1pm. Ideas on strategy, economy, party relations, communication and organising will all be canvassed.

The Destination:Next Progressive Majority is a seminar intended for those who wish to see a change of government in 2017 to a more progressive social democratic policy agenda and ethos.


Hon Sir Michael Cullen – an overall picture of what needs to be done politically to achieve a change to progressive government

Peter Harris – fiscal and economic policy for a progressive government

Sarah Helm/Tracey Martin MP – political co-operation for progressive government

Richard Harman – political communication in the 21st century

Lyndy McIntyre – community organisation for political change

Our MC will be Sandra Grey. The Fabians will be represented by Mike Smith.

Mike Smith is a former General Secretary of the Labour Party, since then has been employed as an advise to Labour leaders and is a trustee of The Standard blog.


  • Sir Michael Cullen was Labour Deputy Prime Minister from 1999-2008. 
  • Peter Harris is an economic consultant and director who has worked in unions and government. 
  • Sarah Helm is the General Manager of the Green Party. 
  • Tracey Martin MP is the Deputy Leader of NZ First. 
  • Richard Harman has had an extensive TV career in political reporting and comment and currently produces Politik. 
  • Lyndy McIntyre organises for the Living Wage campaign.

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I wonder how Winston Peters would fit in here.

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  1. Goldie

     /  5th May 2015

    Michael Cullen is skating on thin ice as the chair of an SOE giving talks on changing the government.
    Tracey Martin presumably didn’t know what a “Fabian” actually is.

  2. kittycatkin

     /  5th May 2015

    I do; I was one.


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