Did Stuff stuff up?

The Sunday Star Times pushed suppression under injunction boundaries with their story that made it easy to the identify Cabinet Minister who’s brother was to appear in court today.

And it appears that today Stuff posted an article (about midday) on the court case today and then pulled it. Except that things don’t disappear that easily on the Internet. They don’t even disappear that easily on Stuff’s website.

Did Stuff stuff up? Were they told to remove the article? or did they (or their lawyers) think better of it?

This case is like a jigsaw with a few large pieces, and most of the pieces supplied by Stuff.

In contrast NZ Herald reports:

Blanket suppression over man facing sex charges

A man has appeared in a district court facing sex charges.

A blanket suppression order has been put in place and will be argued in three weeks time.

The order not only covers the accused and the charges, but even the court he appeared in.

And once again The Standard allows revealing comments to stand. Their double standard over allowing speculation and revealing suppressed information continues.

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  1. kittycatkin

     /  5th May 2015

    I couldn’t identify him, but I didn’t really try.

    I can’t see that there’s any conflict of interests; how can there be ? The brother in court can’t claim any credit for what his brother the Cabiinet Minister does, and the Minister has nothing to do with his brother’s alleged misdeeds !

    • Mike C

       /  6th May 2015

      @Kitty. I did not care enough to even try and figure out the identity. LOL. This is just the Lame Stream Media making a storm in a teacup and creating hype from nothing. This case is now in front of the Courts, and I think that Justice should be allowed to follow its natural course without the intrusion of the money-making media.


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