Goodbye left/right, hello conservative centre

The resounding success of the Conservative Party in the UK (who increased their seats by 24) and the disaster for Labour (who decreased their seats by 26) seems to reinforce a change in politics over the last few decades, at least in the New Zealand-centric world.

Centre right parties:

  • Canada – since 2006 (third term)
  • New Zealand – since 2008 (third term)
  • UK – since 2010 (just won second term)
  • Australia – since 2013 (first term)

Centre left parties seem to be struggling to adjust to changing voter habits and preferences.

There seems to be insufficient appetite for radical left politics and that seems to scare voters away from the centre-left.The centre right seems to be able to downplay the radical far right elements who aren’t big enough in numbers to wag the centrist dog.

New Zealand’s centre left (Labour Party) has shrunk since being ousted in 2008 and is still struggling to recover. It is also burdened with sizable harder left parties that scare many voters off giving them power.

It appears that electorates prefer conservative centrist government – steady stable management and avoiding ideological lurches.

In this situation ‘conservative’ means avoiding radical changes as opposed to far right politics.

There’s certainly wide support for conservative centrist governments. Is the twenty first century saying goodbye to the left/right divide and goodbye to revolutionary shifts?

That’s how it looks and feels to me.

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  1. Alan Wilkinson

     /  9th May 2015

    I’m slightly hopeful voter resistance to ever growing bureaucracy is stiffening.


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