One of the safest places in New Zealand

Dunedin is one of the safest places in New Zealand (when it comes to earthquakes, not quite so safe for students susceptible to alcohol induced self harm).

We’ve been getting a few shakes here over the past few years but it’s always been somewhere else that’s been getting the full force of the earth moving beneath us.

NZ Herald has a map of the relative risk zones in Big changes to earthquake strengthening rules.

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  1. kittycatkin

     /  11th May 2015

    I live in the Waikato now, and in 20+ years have only felt one earthquake that made me stand under a door (I had always lived in quake-prone places before, so am very earthquake conscious) and even that was not enough to shift anything, it just went on for long enough to make the automatic earthquake drill take over. We have had very occasional feeble ones that are barely noticeable and probably went unnoticed by most people.

  2. Pierre

     /  11th May 2015

    Aah yes, I do recall the perils of someone racing down Baldwin St in a wheelie bin. Alcohol was a factor then, I believe.

    • Yes, I remember that. There’s been a few stupid things tried on Baldwin Street but that was one of the stupidest, and saddest for families involved.

  3. GregM

     /  11th May 2015

    Dunedin’s a great place. The car I still drive today was purchased on Anderson’s bay road years ago.
    The changes are pragmatic, and are going to help keep some heritage buildings in low risk areas which is a good thing. As long as owners / tenants know the risks I don’t have a problem with it.

  4. kittycatkin

     /  12th May 2015

    That poor girl-what a terrible & terrifying end to what was a stupid piece of fun that was probably no stupider than things that many of us did as students and got away with. I didn;t remember the alcohol, I suppose that they had just drunk enough to make them a bit silly.

    Friends lived in Mechanic St, which is one of the other really steep streets in that area. I was there in the May holidays cough-cough years ago, and one had to be really careful on a frosty morning !!! It was a skating rink.

    • I drive frequently drive down one of the steeper Dunedin streets on the other side of the hill, Jesse Street. I choose that over a less steep street in the winter because it tens to have less frost or ice (apart from right at the bottom where it flattens out), and it’s straight without any cars parked on it so nothing to hit if you skate a bit.


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