McCready loses one case, starts another, promises a third

Graeme McCready’s criminal prosecution against John has been rejected by the District Court. He complained about the bar being set to high but he had no evidence. If the police pressed charges with no evidence it would be absurd, and so is McCready’s action.

The Herald reports:

The case against Mr Key got tossed out after the judge criticised the lack of written statements.

The judge had also rejected an application for an oral evidence order, which Mr McCready could then have used to summons Ms Bailey, Mr Key and any witnesses and compel testimony under oath.

Amanda Bailey has refused to have anything to do with his legal action. AN no other alleged witnesses have helped him either.

But he’s continuing his political crusade.

The Hamilton-based litigant filed a case with the Human Rights Tribunal this afternoon seeking $30,000 punitive damages from the John Key over the infamous ponytail-pulling incidents.

He filed a complaint of sexual harassment against Mr Key just hours after a District Court judge tossed out an attempted criminal prosecution over pulling the hair of Parnell waitress Amanda Bailey.

Instead of pursuing the matter through criminal courts, Mr McCready said he had switched to a civil jurisdiction which would be more straight-froward.

“In the Human Rights Tribunal I can directly summons these people,” he said.

So still no evidence, so he seems to want the Tribunal to effectuate his investigation. Ludicrous.

Mr McCready said he could have pursued the case at the same time as the criminal complaint but did not want it to appear as if he was assaulting the case on all fronts.

“I could have but then I would look like a vexatious masked crusader, which I’m not of course. I would look like a serial litigant. I only do one of these a year.”

But he does appear to be assaulting the case on as many fronts as possible.

He said he also intended complaining again to the Independent Police Conduct Authority about Mr Key’s police bodyguards, to whom Ms Bailey complained about the hair-pulling.

He said the officers should have taken action – and that they would have done were he in the cafe pulling someone’s hair.

And if he fails with these next two actions then what? What a year so he doesn’t look like a serial litigant?

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  1. He’s nothing but a hopeless attention seeker. Pathetic.

  2. kittycatkin

     /  14th May 2015

    Feckin eejit, as we say In Ireland.

  3. kittycatkin

     /  14th May 2015

    If I had as many convictions as he has, I’d be trying not to attract attention to myself and them. I would guess that he would find that nobody saw anything. This is becoming an obsession.

  4. kittycatkin

     /  14th May 2015

    He does ‘one of these a year.’ Does this mean that every year he LOOKS for one ? I notice that he doesn’t waste his time on people whom nobody’s heard of. I bet that if I asked him to take a case against the loony who bashed me in the street,, he wouldn’t be interested 😀

  5. Mike C

     /  14th May 2015

    McCreapy is a wannabe who will never be.

  6. Sponge

     /  14th May 2015

    McCreedy is a man with much to be modest about. If I were him I wouldn’t be drawing attention to myself.

    He is a repulsive criminal and a suppurating wound on the legal system of New Zealand. A wound that needs to be treated before it poisons the whole system.

  7. Pierre

     /  14th May 2015

    Why can’t he be like everyone else and ring up talkback for a moan. Or go on a blog – he’d no doubt be welcomed on the Stranded & Daily Bog.

  8. kittycatkin

     /  15th May 2015

    Mayhap if he makes enough of a stuff-up of this one, and loses any credibility that he might have (hahaha), he’ll give up. He is looking like an obsessive fool. He is an obsessive fool. It is really, really obvious that his main motivation is plain old jealousy. He has achieved nothing, and he can’t bear it that other people are successful. Of course, it’s undeserved in both cases. HE doesn’t deserve to be unsuccessful, and THEY don’t deserve to be successful.

    His convictions-all of them-were wrong, of course, Of course, Yiou;d think that someone who’s suffered such injustice (???) wouldn;t want to put other people through this. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA !!!

    Can’t someone take a case against him ? There’s plenty to choose from.

  9. kittycatkin

     /  16th May 2015

    I’d take a case against him myself. but I don’t know that he has done things like trading when he was bankrupt of my own knowledge, though I certainly believe that he has/does. But, alas, I only know it because I have read it, not because I have seen him doing it.

    Oh, I was forgetting-HE’S never done anything wrong, he was framed, stitched up. victimised, misunderstood….he was keeping that money in his own account to make sure it was safe from harm. And so on.


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