Budget headlines

I’ve only seen headlines and summaries on the budget. Two stand out to me from those that the Herald has highlighted in Budget 2015: 10 things you need to know.

  • Budget deficit of $684 million this financial year.

That was signalled so is no surprise, and was expected to be a major criticism of Bill English, John Key and National,

  • A $790 million child hardship package, includes an increase in $25 of core benefit for beneficiaries with children.

In contrast that’s a major surprise.

And it isn’t hard to see that if the increase in benefits wasn’t included the deficit could have been avoided.

This is a very significant choice and signal from National, putting welfare of some of the poorest ahead of a long standing target.

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  1. kittycatkin

     /  21st May 2015

    Yes, but giving some families more money will not mean that the children are going to be any better off if the parents are heartlessly selfish.

    • Taxing business people less is not going to make New Zealand a better place if they are heartlessly selfish.

      I think this is very smart policy from National. Sure some beneficiaries will waste some of their benefit, still. But most will benefit as will most of their kids.

      • Budgieboy

         /  21st May 2015

        Jeepers Pete, what are you saying?

        I know multiple people paying 6 figures in tax ( tragically I’m not one of them) and to a person they do not complain, they are happy to contribute but holy hell, but what gets them going is the dumb arse lefty mentality that says they’re not not doing their fair or are selfish.

    • O for Oarsum!

       /  21st May 2015

      Bugger the kids bro – an extra twenty five bucks a week is another packet of 20

  2. Brown

     /  22nd May 2015

    Yes OFO, someone even said that on the radio while whining about how little it was.

    I can see why Labour are annoyed. Whenever National does something it out Labours Labour.

  3. Ani la

     /  23rd May 2015

    What we need to do is scrap the secondary tax rate on income when on a benefit. That’s real assistance. $25 a week isn’t enough for any noticeable difference. Accommodation Supplements need to go up or regulation put in place to regulate the rental market. We hve to do a lot more.


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