Metiria Turei’s unkeepable promise

Green co-leader Metiria Turei has attacked Nationals budget.

Today John Key could have chosen kids.

He could have backed all the young New Zealanders out there doing it tough.

But instead the Prime Minister chose to give the bare minimum of help to our poorest kids and abandon the hopes of our younger generations.

Sneering at the most significant benefit increase for decades.

This stingy Budget is not for our kids and it’s not for those under 40 – the abandoned generations.

If the economy is not working for everyone, it isn’t working at all.

And how would the Greens get the economy “working for everyone’?

New Zealanders needed something different, something more, from the Budget today and didn’t get it.

There is an alternative. The Green Party has a plan to retool the economy for a better, cleaner future which provides opportunity and prosperity for everyone.

What plan, apart from tax more and hand out more? “Prosperity for everyone” is not a plan, it’s an impossible dream.

The Green Party is the only party prepared to stand up for younger New Zealanders – and that’s a promise we’ll be keeping.

If standing up for younger New Zealanders means speaking up like this then it’s a promise Turei can keep. But it promises false hope.

But if it means achieving anything significant then I think it’s an unkeepable Green promise.

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  1. Budgieboy

     /  21st May 2015

    She is a lunatic, in plain simple terms she is a clueless simple lunatic.

    And the real gut breaker???

    She doesn’t even know it.

    • Goldie

       /  22nd May 2015

      She is not a lunatic – in fact she is reasonably intelligent. But she is one the most insufferably arrogant condescending smug MPs I have ever dealt with. A senior Labour MP confided that she had to sit on her hands and think of other things whenever Turei spoke because Turei was just so irritating!!

  2. Brown

     /  22nd May 2015

    Fortunately the real world cares not for lunatics and they pass into pointless oblivion, well, most of the time. Unfortunately politics in NZ gives them an occupation where they can preach their foolish doctrine and get well paid for it. I’m astounded and alarmed that so many would be stupid enough to vote for them.

  3. Alan Wilkinson

     /  22nd May 2015

    A witless wonder who thinks money grows on Government trees and has never made a constructive contribution in her negative life.


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