Today’s big news – snow on a skifield

I haven’t watched television news for over a week until getting home today. I’ve watched the headlines on both Prime and 3 News.

Apparently one of the big news story’s of the day is there is some snow on a mountain skifield.

They both showed Coronet Peak without saying if this extraordinary phenomenon had occurred on  other mountains or not.

It did – I saw quite a few snow capped ranges this afternoon as we flew across the South Island. I’d say the snow line is above 1,000 metres so it’s still confined to the tops of the hills.

Sure there’s a bit of a nip in the air – we landed to 4 degrees – but that’s not particularly unusual in a southerly change here.

The forecast is for snow tonight – what will they put on the news if there’s actually snow at altitudes that people live?

It just seems a bit desperate to go up to a ski field to find some snow for a weather story.

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  1. Which begs the question – What would you have put on as the leading story? We don’t want to hear about Capital Gains Tax – we have none, we don’t want to hear about the Auckland housing crisis there is none. We don’t want to hear about new taxes at the airport – they’re just levies, we don’t want to hear about road deaths we hope there are none. We definitely don’t want to hear about the Blues.
    And I’m sure you’ll find that MediaWorks produces news for Prime and TV3 so expect the same stories/non stories on both channels.

  2. J Bloggs

     /  25th May 2015

    Hey – Snow on the skifields is an important issue!!!!! Particularly with a long weekend coming up, and the school holidays on the horizon

  3. kittycatkin

     /  25th May 2015

    BREAKING NEWS: Sand has been seen on several beaches in NZ.


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