Campbell who?

Around about now they will be having either a party or a wake on Campbell Live.

A programme usually watched by about 5% of people suddenly became an essential part of New Zealand life, according to about 1% of people.

John Campbell seemed ok to me, and did some ok stuff on television amongst a bunch of fluff. As far as I know – which isn’t very much, I hardly ever watched Campbell Live. I hardly ever watched Holmes either. And I mostly don’t watch whoever is on One now nor Paul Henry’s vanity show in the morning. I just don’t care much about personality based infotainment.

So while I guess in ways it’s a bit sad Campbell Live will soon be dead I don’t think it will be the end of New Zealand as we know it.

Nor the end of democracy – the vaguely democratic stuff on Campbell Live was usually text polls which are not scientific or democratic or reliable at all.

The main television channels have evolved into advertiser driven lightweight paff. There’s no point in crying over the demise of a dinosaur programme.

There’s one plus for the lefties who think Campbell ceasing is a travesty of something – they will have something else to blame losing elections on (apart from themselves and their own blinkered embubblement).

Too bad John, but you had not a bad run and programmers move on. So will the rest of us.

Sorry, I just don’t think it’s that big a deal.

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  1. At last someone who admits to not watching the programme who did not go on to lambast it and the people on it. The programme was regularly on in our house and yet we didn’t think of it as a ‘personality based’ programme or ‘infotainment.’

    • Alan Wilkinson

       /  29th May 2015

      I watched it for years but about a year ago got tired of its single point of view. Truth is not so simple.

      • We didn’t think of a ‘single point of view’ either – it was just stuff. Sometimes it was stuff about chicken farming, sometimes about tow truck drivers, sometimes some old codger in a rest home, old codgers in their own homes being ripped off, or jumping out of planes. Or people who’d paid for weddings in Fiji being had. I remember a story about a guy in Christchurch ripping up a carpark he’d laid. Having a single point of view from the range of stories is either odd or a major achievement.

  2. kittycatkin

     /  29th May 2015

    Everyone on TV3 news was in black (even a black tie for Mike McRoberts to match his black suit) as if they were at a funeral.

    I liked him at first but he-like Paul Holmes-became rather tabloid and sensationalist-not to mention sentimentalist-so I seldom watched him after a while. The show’s style became aggressive towards some people and sloppy towards others, or so it seemed to me. I saw the one about the Bartletts who had a $500,000 house and no insurance-they were a house full of adults and the father ‘thought about it’ when the Chch earthquakes happened, but did nothing about it. When their house was made uninhabitable because of a slip, Campbell organised a campaign to set them up with furniture (all new) and other things (all new too) although the Sallies and City Mission had offered, Then they went on Give a Little asking for $60,000 cash and other items. They didn’t get this. Nobody at CL asked why they were so stupid.

    Then there was the woman who was supposedly dying (and may well have been) and wanted a four bedroom state house so that her sons could have a room each (she’d refused a three bedroom one) It was just emotionalism, and CL didn’t seem to realise that even if she was given such a house, the boys wouldn’t ;’inherit’ it.

    10 years is a good innings, and the tears and funereal black was ridiculous. Needless to say that I didn’t watch the show itself 😀

  3. I just annoyed someone in Twitter. It’s been awash with Campbell tears and overstatements. Someone tweeted:

    If Judy Bailey was the “Mother of the nation” surely @JohnJCampbell is the country’s favourite “Best mate”

    I replied:

    I’ve never thought of her as a mother nor him as a mate. Media personality pedestal excesses.

    Bailey was just a newsreader. She read stuff other people had written. She was a script puppet I never thought any more of her than that.

    Campbell was more of his own person than Bailey but I never felt matey with him. I’ve never met him – if I did I’d expect to be able to get on ok with him if he didn’t ignore me.

    But many of the accolades are bordering on nauseating.

  4. Missy

     /  29th May 2015

    I agree, it is no big deal. He frustrated me completely with his ill informed rubbish on the GCSB last year, (I only watched one or two of those episodes). I must admit when I was in NZ I was more likely to turn on UK TV for Eggheads – much more intelligent tv watching, and I learned stuff too!.

  5. uncle bully

     /  29th May 2015

    can hardly wait for that road cops to start eh!

    me an the bros will be get ing in some takiarwayz so we can watch to see how many of the cuzzies we rekognize

  6. Goldie

     /  29th May 2015

    If there is such an outpouring of support for John Campbell, then he should set up a subscriber online service. The capital overheads would be minor (a website, a small studio he could set up in his own house, some cameras, and pay a person to run the webpage and several reporters. If all those apparently 90,000 people who valued Campbell Live so much to sign a petition paid, say, $52 each (just $1 a week!), then he is making a very nice business. And that isn’t factoring in advertising.
    Even better, by being an online service he can be much more relevant and flexible in his delivery and not bound to the 7.00-7.30 format.
    And because he is only having to appeal to those subscribers, he can focus on serving those subscribers, rather than be bound to having to appeal to a mass audience.
    So I really don’t understand the hysteria over this. If people want Campbell Live, then what is the problem?

  7. robby

     /  30th May 2015

    Well I’m not a big Cambo fan myself, but I have to give him due respect for giving airtime to the Christchurch, and Pike River issues. I found you very annoying John, but am still a little sad that you are gone. Good luck with your future projects….

  8. Farmerpete

     /  30th May 2015

    Cambell live is off. Big deal. I got tired of his maucus opinated approach years ago. It is not the end of journalism, because Campbell ceased being a real journalist years ago.

  9. Zedd

     /  30th May 2015

    At least Campbell-live appeared to be ‘centrist’.. presenting both sides of politics, unlike Hoskins & Henry who are blatantly ‘Pro-Nat’
    I didn’t watch Campbell-live everyday, but if there was a story that caught my attention, yes I did watch.
    I just wonder if there was something else going on.. (moving TV3 further to the right ?) 😦

    • Alan Wilkinson

       /  30th May 2015

      “At least Campbell-live appeared to be ‘centrist’.. presenting both sides of politics”

      You can’t be serious???


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