James Shaw new Green co-leader

Kia ora Peter

I’m James Shaw. I want you to be one of the first to know that I have just been elected as the new Green Party male Co-leader.

This is a huge privilege. I do not take it lightly.

You can help me get the word out about my election by sharing this facebook post.

The last few months have been amazing. It’s been great to get across the country and meet so many of you and hear about your ideas and passion for a better, cleaner future for our beautiful country.

It’s been an inspiring and tough contest, and I want to acknowledge the hard work, passion and vision of all the Co-leader contestants. It was a pleasure to campaign alongside them and I value and respect them all highly.

I’m looking forward to working with you, my fellow Green MPs, and all the people who care about the future of New Zealand.

I know this will be hard work, but it’s worth it – because we can change the system. We can win. And we have to, because our current system is broken.

We have an economy that encourages people and companies to extract as much short term wealth as they can, from the environment or from their workers, regardless of the damage they cause, because they don’t have to pay for it.

The Government is supposed to help those who need help the most, not those who need it the least.

With your help the Green Party will change that, we will lead the change to a system that is sustainable and looks after all our people.

Together we can do it – the campaign to put the Greens in Government in 2017 starts today.

I’m excited, I hope you are too.


James Shaw

Green Party Co-leader

PS – if you want to find out more about me and hear about my vision for the Green Party and New Zealand, you can watch my first speech as Green Party Co-leader live tomorrow, Sunday 31 May at 11.30am.

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  1. I can see National shaking in its boots. He has less presence, judging from Parliament Question time, that Norman. And Norman was terrible.

    Is Shaw really a trojan horse worming in to the good green wood, given his BUSINESS background….

    • kittycatkin

       /  30th May 2015

      He may be a Trojan horse indeed. He describes himself as a metrosexual-a meaningless term and one that’s already dated.He seems such a drip that he could well be a terrible choice, though he may surprise us. But a businessman Green co-leader ?

  2. Alan Wilkinson

     /  30th May 2015

    If he wasn’t shackled to Turei he could campaign to put the Greens into Government immediately by doing a deal with National. Until she goes the Greens won’t be in Government with anyone.

  3. Lettuce Spray.....

     /  30th May 2015

    So, we have a ‘male’ co-leader with minge benefits 🙂

    • kittycatkin

       /  30th May 2015

      Not funny, Lettuce. That is a crudely offensive & sexist word. Do you mean that he is one or that he is getting benefits from Metiria Turei ? I am not very fond of her, but I don’t like to hear of her in this context. Nor do I like to hear a vulgarism for female genitalia used as an insult. This is not the place for that sort of thing.

  4. Interesting result… :/

  5. kittycatkin

     /  30th May 2015

    He didn’t really write this, asking you to help him with publicity-did he ????

  6. Brown

     /  30th May 2015

    He was on Radio Live (can’t recall which day) and all hopes I had for a sensible Green leader evaporated as the interview developed. He was clear, as was Absolut Homo, there would be no deals with National. If he’s the best they are in a shitty position in respect of leadership but I guess green weirdos don’t see leadership in the way most do – you just need to be a zealot for the cause irrespective of the cause being sensible or not. His not driving a car would probably be a clincher. If they ever get allowed control of anything we are well stuffed.

  7. I really wanted Kevin to win, he hates the anti-science brigade within the greens, and to be honest, it was his constructive smashing of various ACC ministers 2009-2011 that gave me a warm gooey feeling for him, as the wife was on the receiving end of that ACC behaviour.

  8. Shagger

     /  31st May 2015

    He’s a Shaw thing


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